Scholarships are financial awards that do not have to be repaid and are a great way to help finance your college education. Awards are based on criteria such as excellence in academics, community service and demonstrated leadership.

Some scholarships are awarded automatically to students who qualify upon their admission to the University. These Freshman Scholarships and Transfer Scholarships are based on factors such as the student's GPA at the time of admission and SAT or ACT scores.

Other UAH scholarships are awarded to eligible students who complete a Scholarship Application for the University.

Students interested in being considered for scholarships must first apply for admission to the University.

Important Scholarship Dates

August 1 Competitive scholarships application available
December 1 Priority consideration deadline for competitive scholarships
January-February Competitive scholarship application review
End of February Competitive scholarship notification letters mailed
May 1 Acceptance deadline for all scholarship offers
How do I accept my scholarship?

Once a competitive scholarship application has been submitted, no changes can be made other than editing or re-sending email requests for letters of recommendation. Applicants should contact the Financial Aid Office for additional updates.

NEW for 2014-2015! UAH Summer Scholarship Incentive Program

Want to get a jump start on fall? UAH Merit Tuition Scholarship recipients who will be first-time freshmen in Fall 2014 have a chance to use a portion of next year's scholarship for summer classes. Since merit tuition scholarships now apply to up to 18 credit hours per semester, you can use part of your scholarship award during the summer and save the rest for fall. This means you get the full amount of your award without taking all 18 credits in the fall.

Here's how it works: Say you take one 3 credit hour class this summer and pay for it out of pocket. During fall term, you can take just 15 credit hours but still receive 18 hours' worth of scholarship to pay you back for summer. The program also applies to Foundation Presidential, and National Merit awards. This is a great way to get a head start on classes and receive the full benefit of your scholarship without overloading your first semester. Contact the Financial Aid office for more information.