The MS-IS program provides students with advanced preparation as a specialist to enter a professional career involving the use, definition, analysis, design, implementation, and operation of management information systems.

For admission requirements, please see the College of Business Master Degree Admissions webpage.


Program prerequisites include a bachelors degree in any field and computer proficiency in an operating system and an office suite. While the proficiency can be achieved through self study or non-credit training courses, the expected level of proficiency is comparable to that obtained by students completing IS 146 Computer Applications in Business.

The remaining course prerequisites are:

  • One semester of graduate or two semesters undergraduate accounting
  • One semester of computer programming (any language)
  • One semester of economics which includes microeconomics
  • One semester of statistics
  • One semester of calculus
  • One semester of business communications


  • Applicants with an undergraduate degree in IS will likely have completed all prerequisites. Applicants with degrees in other areas will likely have completed two or three of these course prerequisites.
  • The communication requirement may be filled by a professional writing or speaking course beyond the freshman level. It cannot be filled by a freshman composition or writing intensive course. The key is advanced organizational skills for communications with professionals. Hence communications courses intended for professional groups, such as engineers, managers, or scientists are acceptable. UAHuntsville courses filling the communications requirement include CM313 Business and Professional Communication, EH300 Strategies for Business Writing, and EH301 Technical Writing.
  • A student who has completed a prerequisite with acceptable grades is not required to repeat the prerequisite. However, the student is encouraged to consult with faculty (and even take an appropriate examination) to evaluate his or her preparation, especially if the prerequisite work was completed several years prior to entering the program or if minimum grades were earned. A student may enroll for credit or audit in courses in which the student needs review.

Program and Course Information for MS-IS

The MS-IS program normally consists of 33 semester hours of graduate coursework. The program includes 9 semester hours of business core and 24 semester hours of IS (including at least 15 hours at the 600 level). IS 691, Information Systems Strategy and Applications, is the capstone course and should be taken toward the end of the student's program. The grade in IS 691 and on the comprehensive exam included in IS 691 can be no lower than B.


IS Coursework (21 hours)

Course Number Title Semester Hours
IS 520 Electronic commerce * 3 hrs.
IS 560 Telecommunications and Networking * 3 hrs.
IS 597 Information Systems Design * 3 hrs.
IS 634 Management of Information Technology 3 hrs.
IS 640 Relational Database Management Systems 3 hrs.
IS 680 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 3 hrs.
IS 691 Information Systems Strategy and Applications 3 hrs.
IS 6XX IS Elective 3 hrs.
Total Hours Required 24 hrs.


Business Core (9 hours)

Course Number Title Semester Hours
ACC 602 Managerial Accounting 3 hrs.
MSC 600** Operations Management 3 hrs.
FIN 601** Financial Decisions Under Uncertainty 3 hrs.
Total Hours Required 9 hrs.


* MS-IS students whose previous studies include IS 420, IS 460, IS 497 or equivalent courses must substitute IS 520, IS 560, or IS 597 with elective courses.

 ** Can be substituted if equivalent coursework was taken at the undergraduate level.