Dr. Kevin Bao

Associate Professor, Marketing Department


Dr. Kevin Bao’s Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., Business Administration (Major: Marketing), University of Southern California, 2004
  • M.A., Economics, University of Southern California, 2004
  • M.P.L., Urban Planning, University of Southern California, 1998
  • B.A., Economics, Fudan University, 1994

Classes Taught

Honors & Awards

  • Research Grant, Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University, 2009, 2010, 2013
  • Best Paper Proceedings, Academy of Management Conference, 2010
  • Best Paper Proceedings, Society for Marketing Advances (SMA) Conference, 2009
  • Member of Editorial Review Board, Industrial Marketing Management, 2010 - present

Selected Publications

  • Xu Jiang, Yongchuan Bao, Yan Xie, Shanxin Gao (2015), "Partner Trustworthiness, Knowledge Flow in Strategic Alliances, and Firm Competitiveness: A Contingency Perspective", Journal of Business Research, forthcoming, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jbusres.2015.07.009 (the first three authors contribute equally to this article)
  • Shenggang Ren, Rui Shu, Yongchuan Bao, Xiaohong Chen (2014), "Linking Network Ties to Entrepreneurial Opportunity Discovery and Exploitation: The Role of Affective and Cognitive Trust", International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, forthcoming.
  • Xu Jiang, Mei Li, Shanxing Gao, Yongchuan Bao, and Feifei Jiang (2013), "Managing Knowledge Leakage in Strategic Alliances: The Effects of Trust and Formal contracts", Industrial Marketing Management, 42(6), 983-991.
  • Yongchuan Bao, Shibin Sheng, Kevin Zheng Zhou (2012), "Network-based Market Knowledge and Product Innovativeness", Marketing Letters, 23 (1), 309 – 324.
  • Yongchuan Bao, Xiaoyun Chen, Kevin Zheng Zhou (2012), "External Learning, Market Dynamics, and Radical Innovation: Evidence from China's High-Tech Firms", Journal of Business Research, 65, 1226 – 1233.
  • Yongchuan Bao, Shibin Sheng, Yeqing Bao, and David Stewart (2011), "Quality Perception of Private Labels: Effects of Intransient Cues and Consumer Characteristics", Journal of Consumer Marketing, 28 (6), 448 – 458.
  • Yongchuan Bao, Yeqing Bao, and Shibin Sheng (2010), "Motivating Purchase of Private Brands: Effects of Store Image, Product Signatureness, and Quality Variation," Journal of Business Research, 64 (2), 220 – 226.
  • Yongchuan Bao (2009), "Organizational Resistance to Performance-Enhancing Technological Innovations: A Motivation-Threat-Ability Framework", Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 24 (2), 119 – 130.
  • Yongchuan Bao (2008), "Vaporware: A Tug of War Between Market Freezing and Cannibalization", International Journal of Technology Marketing, 3 (2), 116 – 136.