Eric Fong, Ph.D.



Eric Fong, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management, Business Administration


    Dr. Fong’s Complete CV


    • Ph.D., Strategy and Organizational Theory, University of Florida, 2004
    • B.S., Management, University of Florida, 1998
    • B.S., Psychology, University of Florida, 1998

    Classes Taught

    Selected Publications

    • Fong, E. A., Xing, X., Orman, W. H., & Mackenzie, W. I. 2015. Consequences of deviating from predicted CEO labor market compensation on long-term firm value. Journal of Business Research, 68(2): 299-305.
    • Wilhite, A., & Fong, E. A. 2012.  Coercive Citation in Academic Publishing. Science 335(3 February): 542-543.
    • Wilhite, A., & Fong, E. A. 2012 Agent-based models and hypothesis testing: An example of innovation and organizational structure. Knowledge Engineering Review, 27(2): 221-238.
    • Fong, E. A. 2010. Relative CEO underpayment and CEO behavior towards R&D spending. Journal of Management Studies 47(6): 1095-1122.
    • Fong, E. A., Misangyi, V., & Tosi, H. L. 2010. The effects of CEO pay deviations on CEO withdrawal, firm size, and firm profits. Strategic Management Journal 21(6): 629-651.
    • Fong, E. A. 2010. CEO pay fairness as a predictor of stakeholder management. Journal of Business Research 63(4): 404-410.
    • Fong, E.A., & Tosi, H.L. 2007. Effort, performance, and conscientiousness: An agency theory perspective. Journal of Management 33(2):161-179.