Distinguished Alumni

The College of Business has produced some accomplished alums who have distinguished themselves in Huntsville, across Alabama, and around the country. Some of  the positions they have held include:

  • VP, Customer Service, Ford Motor Co.
  • CEO, Blue Creek Investment Partners
  • CEO and President, ServisFirst Bank
  • The former Information Manager for OMB, Office of the President (Clinton)
  • President, Aegis Research
  • VP, South Trust Bank
  • VP, Security Bank Corp.
  • Merrill Lynch-Houston
  • VP, Eastman Kodak
  • VP, SAIC
  • President and CEO, United Space Alliance, LLC
  • CEO, Morgan Research
  • CFO, National Academy of Sciences
  • CEO, Martin Marietta Materials
  • CIO, National Institutes of Health
  • CFO, Quality Research
  • General Manager, Retail-West, Goodyear-Dunlop North America
  • VP, BAE Systems
  • President, Decision Sciences Corp.
  • VP, Sears Logistics Group
  • CFO, Camber Corp.
  • Director of Product Planning, Kyocera Wireless

 Alumni of Achievement Honorees

Alumni of Achievement

The Alumni of Achievement Award is the highest honor bestowed by the UAH Alumni Association. Created in 2001 as part of the university’s 50 years of class celebration, the award recognizes UAH graduates who exemplify the high standards of the university through their professional and personal accomplishments. 

Alumni of Achievement are selected by a committee of the Alumni Association Board of Directors from nominations made by graduates, faculty, staff, and students. Alumni of Achievement Award winners are honored with an engraved paver permanently embedded in the Alumni Commemorative Pathway in front of the M. Louis Salmon Library.



Renee Ryan, 2015

B.S.B.A, Finance, 1983
B.A., Spanish, 2008

Rod Duke, 2012

B.S.B.A, Management, 1977

Virginia A. Barnes, 2011

B.S.B.A, Accounting, 1983

Michelle M. Reavis, 2009

M.S., Management, 1992

Henry Reyes, 2009

B.S.B.A., Management, 1981
M.A., Public Administration, 1996

Richard W. Hiatt, 2007

B.S.B.A., Management, 1983

Frederiek Toney, 2006

B.S.B.A., Management, 1976

Sandra C. Coleman, 2005

B.S.B.A., Management, 1982

James R. Parker, 2004

B.S.B.A., Marketing, 1986

Sharon D. Morgan, 2003

B.S.B.A., Management Information Systems, 1986

Elizabeth A. Pentecost, 2003

B.A., History, 1978
M.A.S., Administrative Science, 1984

Daniel Dumbacher, 2015

M.A.S., Administrative Science, 1984

Reva J. Bailey, 2002

B.A., English, 1968
M.A.S., Administrative Science, 1974

David S. Branham, 2002

M.A.S., Administrative Science, 1977
B.S.E., Mechanical Engineering, 1978

Francisco L. Collazo, 2002

B.S.B.A, Management, 1979
M.A.S., Administrative Science, 1982

Patricia M. Currie, 2002

B.S.B.A., Management, 1979

Grady P. Gaston, 2002

B.S.B.A., Finance & Management, 1985

Ralph E. Gipson, 2002

M.A.S., Administrative Science, 1975

Stephen A. Glaza, 2002

B.S.B.A., Management, 1991

Molly M. Gremmels, 2002

B.S.B.A., Management, 1985

James L. Jennings, 2002

M.A.S., Administrative Science, 1979

Patricia McCay, 2013

B.S.B.A, Marketing, 1981

George P. Kappler, Jr., 2002

M.A.S., Administrative Science, 1975
M.A., History, 2007

John W. Kilpatrick, Jr., 2002

M.A.S., Management, 1978

Kelly  A. Meassick, 2002

B.S.B.A., Management Information Systems, 1989

David E. Milly, 2002

B.S.B.A., Management, 1976

Martha Simms Rambo, 2002

M.A.S., Management, 1971

Dawn J. Reynolds, 2002

B.S.B.A., Management, 1976

Jesse P. Stutts, 2002

B.S.B.A., Management, 1974

William F. Waite, 2002

M.A.S., Administrative Science, 1976

Stephen P. Zelnak, Jr., 2002

M.A.S., Management, 1973