Geary's Publications



  • Textbooks:

    • "Introduction to Lens Design", Willmann-Bell (Jan 2003)
    • "Optical Testing", Willmann-Bell (expected Pub. Date 2011)
  • Books:

    • "Introduction to Wavefront Sensors", SPIE Press, TT-18 (1995)
    • "Introduction to Optical Testing", SPIE Press, TT-15 (1993)
  • Book Chapters:

    • "Optical Interferograms- reduction & interpretation", Chap.5 (ASTM-1978)
    • "Selected Papers on Microdensitometry" SPIE Milestone Series Vol. MS 111 (1995)
    • "Adaptive Optics Handbook", Chap.4, Marcel-Dekker (2000)
    • "Robert Shannon & Roland Shack...Legends in Applied Optics" Chap.18, SPIE Press (2005)




Journal Publications

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