ARRA Reports

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) is the Federal Government's response to the country's recent economic crisis. This Act is also known as the Stimulus Bill as it is an effort to stimulate the American economy. The AARA will have a dramatic impact on research and development as it "provides $21.5 billion in additional funds for scientific endeavors."

The federal agencies charged with implementing the Recovery Act are in the process of rolling out funding announcements, many of them competitive research grants, many unique and almost all requiring a quick turnaround. The Office for Sponsored Programs created this website to enable quick access to ARRA-related information as we receive it.

As agencies announce opportunities, this website will be updated. Also, a blog will be coming soon that will track the updates to this website and link to the pre-populated application packages, which are available below:

ARRA Dollars Awarded *
ARRA Dollars Available
ARRA Dollars Expended
Jobs Created / Retained

* All information through 12/31/2013

State Fiscal Stabilization Funds Disclosure

The State Code of Alabama section 41-4-65 requires the creation of a publicly accessible website that details all spending by state government. Beginning in fiscal year 2010 each institution of higher education is required to begin posting monthly all expenditures made by the institution. The University of Alabama in Huntsville has posted its expenditures at the links below. It includes all payments that do not include information that is confidential to anyone's payroll deductions, HIPPA or FERPA related information, or any other information that is subject to prohibitions by state and/or federal law/regulations.