Bid Tabulations and Awards

For your convenience, bid tabulations are posted to our website after an award is made. If you have questions after reviewing a bid tabulation, contact the appropriate Procurement Officer to discuss the award.

Bid Evaluations

Any bid tabulation that is not posted, is still under evaluation and will be posted after an award is made.

Multiple Year Awards

Commodity DescriptionBid / Proposal NumberExpiration DateProcurement Officer
Food Services P0049   J. Curtis
Temporary Staffing Services P00107 10-01-21 J. Curtis
Gas and Diesel Fuel B002013 09-30-15 E. Patterson
Electrical, Lighting, and Lighting Control Parts B002003 09-30-15 J. Curtis
Carpet and Tile Installation B002024 09-30-15 J. Curtis
Laundry Service P0059 07-08-20 J. Curtis
Copy Center P0069 07-31-17 T. Haley
Elevator Maintenance B002129.RV01 04-31-19 K. Haas
HVAC Supplies Tabulation B002150.RV01 09-30-16 K. Haas
Blackboard Access Control Systems B002146 04-30-17 K. Haas
Audio/Visual and Lighting Equipment B002149 05-21-16 K. Haas
Off-Campus Merchant Program P0073 07-12-17 K. Haas
Trash Collection B002167 09-30-17 E. Patterson
Pest Control B002169 07-31-17 E. Patterson
E-Commerce Hosting, Software and Maintenance B002172 08-07-17 K. Haas
Student Health Insurance P0085 08-11-23 P. Hurley
Background Checks and Related Services P0093 09-16-23 T. Haley
Learning Management System P0095.RV01 04-29-24 J. Benefield
Management of the Bevill Center P00101 08-30-19 T. Haley
Electronic Health Record System P00102 09-30-24 P. Hurley
Electronic Waste Recycling P00106 11-30-20 J. Benefield
AMSTI Living Material Letters B002223 09-30-16 P. Hurley
Lab Services B002226 09-30-16 P. Hurley
Microsoft EES Agreement B002239 10-01-16 J. Benefield
AudioVisual and Lighting Equipment and Supplies/td> B002242 09-30-19 J. Benefield
Universal Waste (Battery and Fluorescent Lights) Collection And Disposal Services B002253 11-30-18 P. Hurley
Lease Vehicles B002303 09-30-17 E. Patterson
Industrial Containerized Gases


09-30-17 P. Hurley
Copying Services B002306 09-31-17 P. Hurley
Liquid Helium B002308 09-30-17 P. Hurley
Paper Products B002309 09-30-17 P. Hurley
Maintenance & Custodial Uniforms B002359 09-30-20 E. Patterson
Sterilization Equipment Services B002366 09-30-20 P. Hurley

Single Awards

Commodity DescriptionBid / Proposal NumberProcurement Officer
Paper Products B002008 P. Hurley
CAD & RMS Software B002123 J. Curtis
Parking Management Software B002126 J. Curtis
Programmable Paper Cutter B002151 P. Hurley
Soccer Bleacher Installation P0072 K. Haas
Plastic Containers with lids B002158 P. Hurley
Printing Prof and Cont Studies Term Catalog B002153 P. Hurley
Digital Image Correlation System B002165 P. Hurley
Soccer Bleacher Installation P0074 K. Haas
SECH Cable Services P0075.RV01 K.Haas
Fall Athletics Spreadsheet B002163 E. Patterson
Ozone Equipment B002168 P. Hurley
Flight Control Equipment B002170 P. Hurley
Spectrophotometer B002171 P. Hurley
Deformation System B002174 P. Hurley
Ozone Equipment B002175 P. Hurley
Hockey Equipment B002176 E.Patterson
SECH Cable Services P0077 J. Benefield
VP for Research Search Services P0079 T. Haley
Sleeper Buses B002180 E. Patterson
Crane Services to Lift and Invert B002181 P. Hurley

Doppler Wind Lidar

B002183 P. Hurley

Easymount 8-Chamber USSING System

B002182 P. Hurley

BlueCat Networks Software and Professional Service

B002184 K. Haas
Charter Buses for Winter Athletes B002185

E. Patterson

Digital High Speed Camera B002186

P. Hurley

Classroom Audio Visual Installation B002187.RV02 P. Hurley
Charter Bus for SGA to Lancaster, PA B002188 E. Patterson
CFR Laser System B002189 P. Hurley
Enclosed Trailer B002190 E. Patterson
Janitorial Services in Residence Halls P0082 J. Curtis
Wireless Local Area Network Installation, Distribution and Configuration Tabulation P0083.RV01 K. Haas
Charter Bus 2013 Spring Athletics B002192 E. Patterson
Refurbished Environmental Chamber B002194 P. Hurley
Goniometer Tensiometer B002193 P. Hurley
Refurbished Environmental Test Chamber B002195 P. Hurley
Ambulance B002197 E. Patterson
Enclosed Trailer B002196 E. Patterson
Forklift B002198 E. Patterson
Avid C24 Studio Bundle with ProTools - HDX B002199 K. Haas
Wireless Local Area Network Installation, Distribution and Configuration P0086.RV01 K. Haas
Commencement Floral Service P0089 K. Haas
Soccer Field Lighting Tabulation B002200 K. Haas
UAH Greenway Site Furnishing B002201 K. Haas
UAH Cable Relocation B002205 K. Haas
UMARK Fabrication Hardware B002206 E. Patterson
Sleeper Buses B002207 E. Patterson
Sleeper Buses B002207 Revised E. Patterson
Forklift B002208 E. Patterson
UMARK Fabrication Hardware B002209 E. Patterson
UAH Cable Relocation B002210 K. Haas
Ambulance B002211 E. Patterson
Checkpoint Software Subscription and Advanced Hardware Replacement B002212 J.Benefield
University Website Redesign P0087.RV02 K. Haas
Surplus Scrap Metal P0088 P. Hurley
Printing of the Prof & Cont Studies Term Catalog B002214 P. Hurley
Vibration Testing System B002215 P. Hurley
UMARK Flight Testing Container B002217 P. Hurley
Low LevelRadioactive Waste Disposal B002204 E. Patterson
Forklift B002216 E. Patterson
Multichannel Potentiostat B002218 P. Hurley
Executive Search Services for a Provost P0090 T. Haley
Enrollment Management Consulting Services P0092 T. Haley
Replacement of the Auxiliary Power Unit for the Army Aviation Ground Power Unit P0096 P. Hurley
Replacement of the Hydraulic Pump for the Army Aviation Ground Power Unit P0097 P. Hurley
Nursing Bags B002202 P. Hurley
Heavy Duty Truck B002213 E. Patterson
HP Backup System B002220 J. Benefield
Audio Visual and Lighting Equipment and Supplies B002221 J. Benefield
Rental of Audio Visual and Lighting Equipment and Supplies B002222 J. Benefield
Containers with Attached Covers B002224 P. Hurley
Multichannel Potentiostat B002225 P. Hurley
Interferometer System B002227 P. Hurley
Charter Buses B002228 E. Patterson
Femtosecond Optical Characterization Pulse System B002229 P. Hurley
Ultrafast Solid-State Laser System B002230 P. Hurley
Ambulance B002233 E. Patterson
FastCam Camera B002234 P. Hurley
Portable X-Ray Tube Generator B002235 P. Hurley
AudioVisual and Lighting Equipment and Supplies B002236 J. Benefield
Rental of AudioVisual and Lighting Equipment and Supplies B002237 J. Benefield
DPSS Laser System B002238 P. Hurley
Radio Frequency Plasma System B002240 P. Hurley
Transporter 6 Gas Utility Vehicle B002241 P. Hurley
Rental of AudioVisual and Lighting Equipment and Supplies B002243 J. Benefield
Athletic Winter Bus B002245 E. Patterson
Gas Chromatograph B002246 P. Hurley
HEKA Amplifier and Stimulation Data Acquisition Software B002248 J. Benefield
HPLC System with a Diode Array Detector System B002254.RV01 P. Hurley
University Fitness Center Business Management Software and System Support B002247.RV02 J. Benefield
Fitness Equipment B002244 E. Patterson
Radio Frequency Plasma System B002249 P. Hurley
MicroSemi Bus Controller FPGA Core B002251 J. Benefield
Red250 Mobile Eye Tracking System B002352 J. Benefield
Lab coats with custom logo B002255 P. Hurley
Printing letters and mailing B002256 P. Hurley
Fitness Equipment B002257 E. Patterson
MicroSemi Bus Controller FPGA Core B002258 J. Benefield
Medstation Console and Cabinet B002259 P. Hurley
DC-DC Converter and EMI Filter B002261 P. Hurley
Fitness Equipment B002262 E. Patterson
Windchill Software and Maintenance B002263 J. Benefield
DC-DC Converter and EMI Filter B002264 P. Hurley
AudioVisual Upgrade B002265 J. Benefield
Crane Service to Lift and Invert (Roll over) Aircraft B002266 P. Hurley
UMARK Cargo Hook Sling B002268 P. Hurley
Electronic Components 1 B002269 P. Hurley
Electronic Components 2 B002270 P. Hurley
Electronics Components B002273 E. Patterson
Zoll AED Plus Replacement Pads and Batteries B002272.RV01 P. Hurley
Oscillators B002274 P. Hurley
Hydraulic Wedge Grip B002275 P. Hurley
Spectrometer and Light Source B002277 P. Hurley
Classroom Audio Visual Installation B002280.RV01 J. Benefield
Hazardous Waste Disposal B002281.RV01 P. Hurley
Nursing Fiber Cable Installation B002282 J. Benefield
Coax Cable B002283 P. Hurley
Replacement Eaton UPS B002284 J. Benefield
Heavy Duty Truck B002285 E. Patterson
Ford 2008 Box Van B002286 E. Patterson
Nursing Bags B002287 P. Hurley
Sleeper Bus B002288 E. Patterson
Ford 2008 Box Van B002289 E. Patterson
Asbestos Abatemant and Demolition B002290 P. Hurley
Signal Recorders B002291 P. Hurley
Athletic 2014-2015 Winter Bus B002292 E. Patterson
Filters and Beansplitter B002293.RV02 P. Hurley
Otoscopy Training and Simulation System B002294 P. Hurley
Hockey Equipment B002295 E. Patterson
Infusion Pump, Tubs, and IV Poles B002296 P. Hurley
Signal Recorders B002297.RV01 P. Hurley
Slings B002298.RV01 P. Hurley
Ultracentrifuge B002299 P. Hurley
UV Filters B002300 P. Hurley
Femtosecond Laser Phase Stabilization Unit B002301 P. Hurley
UV Filters B002302.RV02 P. Hurley
Infusion Pump, Tubes, and IV poles B002304 P. Hurley
Plastic Containers with attached lids B002307 P. Hurley
Printing of the Prof & Cont Studies Term catalog B002310 P. Hurley
Chassis B002311 P. Hurley
Plastic Containers with attached lids B002312 P. Hurley
Charter Buses B002313 E. Patterson
Time Resolved Measurement System B002314 P. Hurley
Hospital Beds and Tables B002316 P. Hurley
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer B002317 P. Hurley
2015 Ford Explorer XLT B002318 E. Patterson
Spalding Portable Basketball Goals and Shot Clock Holders B002319 J. Benefield
Hospital Beds and Tables B002320 P. Hurley
Electrical Installation for Campus Entrance B002321 J. Benefield
Procera Network Packet Shaping System B002322 J. Benefield
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Software B002323 J. Benefield
Personel Security Vehicle B002324 E. Patterson
Gas Purifier and related sensors B002325 P. Hurley
Scientific Chemicals B002326 P. Hurley
Load Frame B002327 P. Hurley
Athletic Track & Field Bid B002328 E.Patterson
Oscilloscope B002329 P. Hurley
Printing Osher Lifelong Learning Institute editions B002330 P.Hurley
Supermicro TwinBlade Module B002331 J. Benefield
TOC Analyzer B002333 P. Hurley
EMCCD Camera B002332 P. Hurley
Sling Fatigue Testing Services B002334.RV01 P. Hurley
MIPS Trailer B002335 P. Hurley
Ellipsometer B002336 P. Hurley
MIPS Trailer B002337.RV01 P. Hurley
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer B002338 P. Hurley
UMARK Sling Storage Life Testing B002340 P. Hurley
Vehicle, 2015 Ford Fusion S B002341 E. Patterson
X-Ray Diffraction System B002342 P. Hurley
Supermicro SuperServer B002344 J. Benefield
Sleeper Bus 2015 - 2016 B002345 E. Patterson
Hockey Equipment B002346 E. Patterson
Cryostat B002347 P. Hurley
Supermico Server and TwinBlades B002349 J. Benefield
Oscilloscope B002350 P. Hurley
Lifemonitor and Accessories B002351 P. Hurley
Scientific Equipment B002354.RV01 P. Hurley
Lab Packing, Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal B002355 P. Hurley
Athletic 2015 - 2016 Fall Charter Buses B002356 E. Patterson
Barometer and Wind Monitor B002357 P. Hurley
Vehicle, 2016 Ford Transit Connect XL Cargo Van B002358 E. Patterson
Sterilization Equipment Maintenance B002360 P. Hurley
Plastic Containers with attached lids B002361 P. Hurley
Vehicle, Diesel Cargo Van B002363 E.Patterson
Vehicle 2016 Gas Cargo Vans B002364 E. Patterson
Supermicro Server B002365 J. Benefield
Microwave Radiometer B002367 P. Hurley
Radar Wind Profiler B002368.RV01 P. Hurley
Metabolic Measurement System B002370 P. Hurley
Athletic 2015-2016 Winter Charter Bus Men's Basketball
B002371 E. Patterson
Athletic 2015-2016 Winter Charter Bus B002372 E. Patterson
Ins2Teaching, Tube with Flange, and stands B002374 P. Hurley
Exhaust and Supply Piping B002375 P. Hurley
Plastic Containers with attached lids B002376 P. Hurley
2016 Ford Econoline Commercial Cutaway E350 DRW Trucks
B002377 E. Patterson
2016 Mercedes-Benz Diesel Sprinter Cab 3500 Cargo Van
B002378 E. Patterson
Ins2Teaching, Tube with Flange, and stands B002379 P. Hurley
Exhaust and Supply Piping B002380 P. Hurley
Paper Products B002381 P. Hurley
UMARK Lifting Lug assemblies B002382 P. Hurley
UMARK Lifting Lug assemblies B002382.RV01 P. Hurley
UMARK Slings and Chafe Protectors B002383 P. Hurley
T-Shirts B002384 E. Patterson
Banking Services P0099 T. Haley
PCB Design Layout and Solder Assemble B002387 P. Hurley
Transformer Insulating Oil B002389 P. Hurley
Picosecond Laser B002390 P. Hurley
Printing of Professional and Continuing Studies Term Catalog B002391 P. Hurley
BlueCat Virtual Server Maintenance B002392 J. Benefield
Renewable Data Infrastructure Support B002393 J. Benefield
Water Deionization System B002394 P. Hurley
Electronic Instrumentations B002395 P. Hurley
2016 Ford Econoline Cutaway E350 DRW Truck B002396 E. Patterson
Grinding and Polishing Machine B002398 P. Hurley
Fabrication piping designs B002399 P. Hurley
Test article Plate B002400 P. Hurley
Charter Buses B002401 E. Patterson
Vehicle, 2016 Ford Transit Connection XL Cargo Van B002403 E. Patterson
Hydraulic Module Replacement for the AGPU P00100 P. Hurley
Hydraulic Pump Replacement P00103 P. Hurley
Freight Elevator Hydraulic Jack Replacement P00105 J. Curtis

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