Open Bid Information

Open bids are standing bids that were established (by the University, State of Alabama, E & I Coop, U.S. Communities, TCPN, NJPA, UA or UAB) for frequently purchased items. For additional information on the items listed below, contact the responsible Procurement Officer.                                                                 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Wireless Devices ( Ipads, Tablets, etc.)

Change in Procedure for Chemical Purchases

Regulated Materials Procurement Procedure

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Commodity Description Bid/Contract Number End Date Procurement Officer Website
Computers: Apple Desktops, Laptops Sole Source No Expiration J. Benefield yes
Computers: Dell Computers and Servers CA049 06/30/18 J. Benefield yes
Computers: Non-Dell/Non-Apple Desktops, Laptops, and Servers CNR-01141 03//31/17 J. Benefield yes
Computers: Non-Dell/Non-Apple Desktops, Laptops, and Servers NJPA 100614-CDW 11/18/18  J. Benefield yes
Cisco Products and Maintenance T053106 06/31/16 J. Benefield no
Computer Supplies Contract #441 08/09/16 E. Patterson yes
Electrical Lighting, and Lighting Control Parts B002373 09/30/20 J. Curtis no
Furniture UAB 401 05/01/18 J. Curtis no
Local & Campus Moves CNR01259 04/30/20 J. Curtis no
Industrial/Containerized Gas B002305 09/30/17 P. Hurley no
Interstate Relocation & Storage CNR01259 04/30/20 J. Curtis no
Office Supplies and Machines Contract #441 08/09/16 E. Patterson yes
Paper Products B002309 09/30/17 P. Hurley no
Printers: Standard and Multifunction T052726 03/28/16 J. Benefield yes
Printers: Canon, Epson and Xerox NJPA 100614-CDW 11/18/18 J. Benefield yes
Printer Supplies Contral #441 08/09/16 E. Patterson yes

Science Apparatus, Equipment & Supplies
Regulated Materials Procurement Procedure

Contract #252 07/31/16 P. Hurley yes
Scientific Laboratory Furniture, Equipment and Supplies T051324 09/30/17 P. Hurley no
T-Shirts B002384 12/08/16 E. Patterson no
Cars / Van Rentals CNR01253 12/31/16 E. Patterson no