Direct Deposit of Refunds may be made by filling out the Direct Deposit Request form and turning it along with a voided check. Your name must be on the account and imprinted on the check.

Direct Deposit Form
Refunds from over payment of Federal financial aid funds are disbursed according to Federal guidelines from the U.S. Department of Education. Students are strongly encouraged to keep informed of their financial aid status and tracking. Improper or incomplete applications for Federal Student Aid will seriously delay proper payment by the U.S. Department of Education. Please visit the Financial Aid website to keep informed of current financial aid requirements and guidelines.

A two week period exists for students to drop one or more courses and be eligible for a refund of tuition and related lab fees (check with Enrollment Services for the deadlines for the summer semester). Students should contact the Housing Office regarding refunds of rent charges and housing deposits if they vacate their residence.

Students who do not want their credit balance refunded to them should contact us immediately; otherwise the overpayment will be refunded within one to two weeks after appearing on a student's account. Federal regulations require the University to refund any overpayment of fees paid by Federal Student Aid funds to the student whether or not the student wants the overpayment refunded. Students can then return the refund check to us if they want to use it to pay future transactions. If payment was made by personal check a refund will not be issued until at least two weeks after we received the check to insure that it clears the bank.

Important Notice Regarding Credit Cards and Refunds

Students who paid all or any portion of their tuition and fees using a credit card or debit card will have their refunds first disbursed to the credit cards and/or debit cards used. Any credit balance remaining will be issued to the student in the form of a check which may be picked up at the Cashier's Office (UC213). Your credit card company or bank requires us to do this - we are not permitted to give cash advances. This is done regardless of who the credit card actually belongs to, so plan ahead when paying your tuition and fees. If your employer is paying for you over the internet, we have no way of knowing this. To insure your refund is properly issued to you, please have your employer email with your Student ID number and the amount charged.