UAH Alumni Board of Directors

UAH Alumni Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the UAH Alumni Association, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We work tirelessly to serve and represent the alumni of UAH while providing valuable programming and resources for alumni.  If you have ideas or feedback for us, please contact us at  We want to hear from you so we can serve you better.  Charge On!



Are you a leader? Are you passionate about UAH? Do you have ideas for enhancing the relationship between alumni and UAH? Then we invite you to apply for the Alumni Association Board of Directors. 


Alumni Association Board of Directors Application

Applications due by May 31st to qualify for consideration join the board the following August.



Jason Miller
Mital Modi
Mital Modi
First Vice President
John Gibson
John Gibson
VP for Finance
Sabrina Wenning
Sabrina Wenning
Rachel Osby
Rachel Osby
Executive Director
Karessa Acosta 2
Karessa Acosta
Laura Burke
TRUE Chargers President
Nandish Dayal
Nandish Dayal
SGA President
Zara Greene
Eric Grigorian
Jenny Gyurova Hite
Daniel Horton
Daniel Horton
Howard Todd 1
Todd Howard
Jennings James
James Jennings
Hanu Karlapalem
Andrea Kruszka
Lindsey Bob
Bob Lindsey
Jerri McLain
Daniel Miller
Vijay Patel
Michelle Reavis
Past President
Ryan Schueler
Ryan Schueler
Mike Smith
David Staley
Rachel Ward
Steven Williams




























































































Alumni Association Board of Directors