UAH Alumni Board of Directors

alumni board of directors 2017

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the UAH Alumni Association, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We work diligently to serve and represent the alumni of UAH while providing valuable programming and resources for alumni. If you have ideas or feedback, please contact us at Charge On!

Are you a leader? Are you passionate about UAH? Do you have ideas for enhancing the relationship between alumni and UAH? Then we invite you to apply for the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Alumni Association Board of Directors - Details of Service
Alumni Association Board of Directors - Application

Applications for this year are now closed. We will re-open applications next year. If you would like to get involved through other avenues, please contact us at

Alumni Board of Directors

picture of Mital Modi

Mital Modi



picture of Natalie Wrinkle

Natalie Wrinkle

First Vice President


picture of Rob Tucker

Rob Tucker

Vice President for Finance


picture of Daniel Horton

Daniel Horton



picture of Aaron Adedokun

Aaron Adedokun


picture of Mackenzie Bockhold

Mackenzie Bockhold

President, TRUE Chargers Student Alumni Association


picture of Tyler Brennan

Tyler Brennan


picture of Cessalyn Feagan

Cessalyn Feagan


picture of Eric Grigorian

Eric Grigorian


picture of Jenny Hite

Jenny Hite


picture of Andrea Kruszka

Andrea Kruszka


picture of Jennifer Liddle

Jennifer Liddle


picture of Jason Miller

Jason Miller

Past President


picture of Austin Mordecai

Austin Mordecai


picture of Elena Olariu-Leitner

Elena Olariu-Leitner


picture of Mark Reavis

Mark Reavis


picture of Taylor Reed

Taylor Reed


picture of Guillermo Reyes

Guillermo Reyes


Randy Siniard

Randy Siniard


picture of Eric St. John

Eric St. John


picture of Toshawnka Walker

Toshawnka Walker


picture of Sabrina Wenning

Sabrina Wenning


picture of Reid Wilson

Reid Wilson


picture of Jean Winfrey

Jean Winfrey