2015-2016 College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences Faculty & Staff

Dean's Office

 Morton Hall 256

Dr. Mitch Berbrier - Interim Dean
     Ms. Katherine MacGilvray - Executive Assistant
     Ms. Suzanne Bouvier - Resource Manager
Dr. Andrew Cling - Associate Dean

Academic Advisors

 Morton Hall 220

Mr. Frank Bell - Senior Academic Advisor
Ms. Amy Smeal - Academic Advisor

Career Advising

 Morton Hall 225

Ms. Anastasia Byler - Career Development Coordinator

Art, Art History and Design

 Wilson Hall 160B

Dr. Lillian Joyce - Department Chair, Associate Professor
     Ms. Marylyn Coffey - Senior Staff Assistant
Mr. Vinny Argentina - Assistant Professor
Ms. Katie Baldwin - Assistant Professor
Mr. José Betancourt - Associate Professor
Mr. Glenn Dasher - Professor
Ms. Jill Johnson - Associate Professor
Mr. Keith Jones - Associate Professor
Dr. David Stewart - Associate Professor
Mr. Chris Taylor - Assistant Professor
Ms. Roxie Veasey - Lecturer

Classical Studies

 Morton Hall 222

Dr. Jeffrey Nelson - Director

Communication Arts

 Morton Hall 342

Dr. Clarke Rountree - Department Chair, Professor
     Ms. Donna Lamp - Staff Assistant
Dr. Diana Bell - Associate Professor
Ms. Johnna Doty - Lecturer
Dr. Eletra Gilchrist - Associate Professor
Mr. David Harwell - Associate Professor
Ms. Kristen Scroggin - Lecturer
Dr. Pavica Sheldon - Assistant Professor


 Morton Hall 222

Dr. Jeffrey Nelson - Department Chair, Associate Professor
     Ms. Cynthia Brasher - Senior Staff Assistant
     Ms. Lyndsey Torok - Staff Assistant
Dr. Angela Balla - Associate Professor
Dr. Laurel Bollinger - Professor
Dr. Joe Conway - Assistant Professor
Ms. Heather Cross - Lecturer
Dr. Anna Foy - Assistant Professor
Dr. Susan Friedman - Lecturer
Dr. Alanna Frost - Associate Professor
Ms. Sinceree Gunn - Lecturer
Dr. Holly Jones - Associate Professor
Dr. Joy Robinson - Assistant Professor
Ms. Diane Singer - Lecturer
Dr. Eric Smith - Associate Professor
Dr. Joseph Taylor - Assistant Professor
Dr. Chad Allen Thomas - Assistant Professor
Ms. Anna Weber - Lecturer
Dr. Ryan Weber - Assistant Professor
Dr. Andrea Word-Allbritton - Lecturer

Global Studies

 Morton Hall 232A

Dr. David Johnson - Director


 Roberts Hall 409

Dr. Stephen Waring - Department Chair, Professor
     Ms. Beverley Gentry - Senior Staff Assistant
Dr. Andrei Gandila - Assistant Professor
Dr. James Isbell - Lecturer
Dr. Molly Johnson - Associate Professor
Dr. John Kvach - Associate Professor
Dr. Nicole Pacino - Assistant Professor
Dr. Thomas Reidy - Lecturer
Dr. Christine Sears - Associate Professor

Public History

 Roberts Hall 407

Dr. John Kvach - Director


 Roberts Hall 102

Dr. C. David Ragsdale - Department Chair, Associate Professor
     Ms. Cecille Spina - Senior Staff Assistant
Mr. Noel Webster - Studio/Facility Manager
Dr. Royce Boyer - Professor Emeritus
Dr. Aaron Cain - Assistant Professor
Ms. Johnna Doty - Lecturer
Dr. Melody Ng - Assistant Professor
Dr. Carolyn Sanders - Professor
Dr. Ron Wray - Professor


 Morton Hall 332

Dr. Deborah Heikes - Department Chair, Professor
     Ms. Michelle Graham - Senior Staff Assistant
Dr. Andrew Cling - Professor
Dr. Jeremy Fischer - Assistant Professor
Dr. Nicholaos Jones - Associate Professor
Dr. John Nale - Assistant Professor
Dr. William Wilkerson - Professor, Honors College Dean

Political Science

 Morton Hall 250

Dr. John Pottenger - Department Chair, Professor
     Ms. Cindy Small - Staff Assistant
Dr. Anne Marie Choup - Associate Professor
Dr. Kathleen Hawk - Associate Professor
Dr. Andrée Reeves - Associate Professor
Dr. Shuang Zhao - Assistant Professor


 Morton Hall 335

Dr. Jeffrey Neuschatz - Department Chair, Professor
     Ms. Michelle Graham - Senior Staff Assistant
Dr. Sandra Carpenter - Professor
Dr. Gary Huckaby - Visiting Assistant Professor
Dr. Jodi Price - Associate Professor
Dr. Eric Seemann - Associate Professor
Dr. Aurora Torres - Assistant Professor
Dr. Dianhan Zheng - Assistant Professor


 Morton Hall 344

Dr. Bhavani Sitaraman - Interim Department Chair, Associate Professor
     Ms. Erin Reid - Staff Assistant
Dr. Alena Alamgir - Lecturer
Dr. Kyle Knight - Assistant Professor
Dr. Richard Simon - Assistant Professor
Dr. Christina Steidl - Assistant Professor

Women's & Gender Studies

 Morton Hall 344

Dr. Molly Johnson - Director
Ms. Erin Reid - Staff Assistant

World Languages & Cultures

 Morton Hall 300B

Dr. Rolf Goebel - Department Chair, Professor
     Ms. Donna Lamp - Staff Assistant
Dr. Irena Buksa - Associate Professor
Dr. Kwaku Gyasi - Associate Professor
Dr. David Johnson - Associate Professor
Dr. Leslie Kaiura - Assistant Professor
Mr. Karl Keller - Lecturer
Dr. Linda Maier - Professor
Dr. Peter Meister - Professor Emeritus