Women's and Gender Studies Supporting Faculty


Coordinators for Harris Student Paper Competition

Dr. Anna Foy
Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Nicole Pacino
Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Richard Simon
Assistant Professor of Sociology


Faculty Contact for POWER, the Women's and Gender Studies Student Organization

Dr. Alanna Frost
Associate Professor of English


Other Faculty with Teaching and Research Interests in Women's and Gender Studies and Who Participate in and Support Women's Studies Activities

Dr. Mitch Berbrier
Interim Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, and Professor of Sociology

Dr. Suzy Friedman
Lecturer, Department of English

Dr. Andree Reeves
Associate Professor of Political Science

Dr. Carolyn Sanders
Professor of Music

Ms. Roxie Veasey
Lecturer, Art, Art History and Design


Other Staff who support Women's and Gender Studies Program Activities

Ms. Cindi Brasher
Staff Assistant, Department of English

Ms. Marylyn Coffey
Staff Assistant, Department of Art, Art History and Design

Ms. Lyndsey Torok
Staff Assistant, Department of English