Undergraduate Courses in Political Science (PSC)

101 American Government - 3hrs. *

Introductory examination of American government and politics.

102 Comparative Politics and Foreign Governments - 3hrs.*

Survey of government and politics in industrializing, post-industrial, and modernizing countries.

103 State and Local Government - 3hrs.*

Introduction to state and local governments in America. Examination of different governmental forms and their impact on public policies.

260 Introduction to International Relations - 3hrs.*

Examination of the basic factors underlying the conduct of international relations, focusing on the forces affecting the change and direction of the present state system. Special attention is given to the forces affecting war and peace. Prerequisite: PSC 101.

302 The American Congress - 3hrs.

Examination of the organization and role of the Congress, its leadership, internal processes, and relationship with other parts of the American political system. Prerequisite: PSC 101.

304 American Presidency - 3hrs.

Role of the president in the American political system. Special emphasis on internal functioning of executive branch of government through analysis of structure and techniques of the national administration. Prerequisite: PSC 101.

309 Political Parties and Interest Groups - 3hrs.

Reviews the roles of two major "linkage" institutions in U.S. politics. Considers the organizational features of these institutions and their impact on the electoral and policy-making processes. Prerequisite: PSC 101.

330 Classical Political Philosophy - 3hrs.**

Careful analysis of the roots of political inquiry in selected works of ancient and medieval political philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Augustine and Aquinas. Major themes include the search for the just social order, the proper relationship between the citizen and the state, and other fundamental concepts of western political institutions. Prerequisite: 9 hours of PSC, PHL, and/or HY. (Same as PHL 330.)

332 Modern Political Philosophy - 3hrs.**

Critical examination of the philosophical foundations for modern politics that emerged from the 15th through the 19th century in western Europe. Major themes and theorists include the concepts of individual rights, property, representation, majority rule, limited government, and revolution discussed in selected writings of Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, and J.S. Mill among others. Prerequisite: 9 hours of PSC, PHL, and/or HY. (Same as PHL 332.)

334 American Political Thought - 3hrs.

In-depth study of theorists, concepts, and forces that have shaped American political values from the founding of the republic to the present. Major themes include the relationship between liberty and equality, rights and democracy, and industrialization and the public good. Prerequisite: PSC 101.

399 Current Affairs - 1 hr.

An examination of current national and international issues. The course may be repeated up to three times.

416 Alabama & Southern Politics - 3hrs.

Surveys the government and politics of Alabama and provides an overview of the political culture in the American South. Prerequisite: PSC 101.

418 Urban Politics - 3hrs.

Examination of urban politics in America with attention given to urban problems, urban environment, governmental forms, power structures, and policy outputs. Prerequisite: PSC 101, 103;. PSC 306 recommended.

420 Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations - 3hrs.

Examination of the theory and practice of American federalism with emphasis on the constitutional framework, intergovernmental relations, and the changing roles of state and local governments.

436 Political Ideologies - 3hrs.

Critical examination of the nature of modern ideologies. Among the major ideologies studied will be important examples of conservatism, liberalism, socialism, communism, and fascism in theory and practice. Prerequisite: PSC 101.

438 Contemporary Political Thought - 3hrs.

Systematic study of recent and current thinking on issues and problems of politics, social theory, and ethics. Prerequisites: 9 hours PSC, PHL, and/or HY. (Same as PHL 438.)

440 Regional Studies - 3hrs.

Examination of the history, culture, political structures and ongoing challenges facing different regions in the world. The course will shift its regional focus (Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, etc.) during different terms, and students may take the course multiple times so long as the course content differs. In addition to laying the historical and cultural foundations of a region, the course will often focus on select countries within that region as well as broader concepts such as the role of democracy in development, political institutionalization, and the roles of religion and ethnicity in society. Prerequisites: PSC 101 and PSC 102.

452 American Constitutional Law - 3hrs.

Policy-making role of the Supreme Court in the American political system through analysis of leading cases in interpreting the constitution. Prerequisite: PSC 101; 351 recommended.

454 Civil Liberties - 3hrs.

Judicial interpretations of contemporary questions involving rights of individuals and limits of freedom of action in American society. Prerequisite: PSC 101; 351 and/or HY 318 recommended.

462 Decision-Making in Foreign and Security Policy

An examination of the history, culture, and structures shaping the development of U.S. foreign and national security policies. The course will discuss the constitutional roles given to Executive branch and to Congress in the development and management of foreign and national security policies, examine the process and content of making foreign and national security policies through U.S. history, then examine the current structures and actors involved in the development of foreign and national security policies. Prerequisites: PSC 101; PSC 260 recommended.

464 American Foreign Policy - 3hrs.

Institutions, processes, interests, and personalities affecting the formation of American foreign policy. Prerequisite: PSC 101; 102 recommended.

466 National Security Strategy and Policy - 3hrs.

An examination of current U.S. national security strategy and policy. The course will review current overarching strategy and policy documents, examine specific responses to the variety of threats facing the United States, and then evaluate whether those policies are effective at achieving their goals. Prerequisites: PSC 101; PSC 260 and PSC 462 recommended.

470 Issues in Security Policy - 3hrs.

Examination of selected security-related policy issues. The content of this course will vary during different terms, and students may take the course multiple times so long as the content differs. Prerequisites: PSC 101.

480 Advanced Topics in Political Science - 3hrs.

Selected topics in local, state, national, and world politics. May be repeated for up to 6 hours credit. Prerequisite: permission of the department chair.

484 Senior Seminar in Political Science - 3hrs.*

Advanced examination into the subfields of political science offered by the department. May be repeated with different faculty for up to 6 hours credit. Prerequisites: PSC 101, advanced status in political science.

495 Internship in Government 1-6 hrs.

Undergraduates may receive from 1 to 6 hours of academic credit for an internship with local, state, or federal governmental agencies. Students must attend internship seminars, keep a log of activities, and submit a report on their internship.

498 Directed Readings and Research - 3hrs.

Supervised in-depth readings and/or individual research in an area of specialized interest to both student and instructor. Open to students who have completed 15 semester hours in Political Science and have permission of the instructor. *Restriction: Permission of instructor. Prerequisites: 15 hours of PSC coursework.

*Degree Requirement

**Requirement Selection