Registration Instructions for Music Majors

How to Register

All students need two things to register: a User ID and a PIN. Some students will also need a Registration Access Code (sometimes known as an "alternate PIN").

User ID

The User ID is your A——– number. It is an A followed by an 8-digit number.


The PIN is a six-digit number. If you never changed it, it should be either the last six digits of your SSN or your birth date in mmddyy format. No one in the Department of Music has any way of looking up or changing your PIN; the system does not allow us to do so. If you do not know your PIN, try one of the suggestions above. If that does not work, contact your academic advisor or Charger Central.


Once you have these two things, log in to Banner at Click on "Enter Banner Self Service," then "Enter Secure Area." Fill in the blanks and click "Login." If you logged in with your SSN, please note that Banner will tell you your A-number. Please write this down. You will need it!

Registration Access Code

When you try to register for classes, the system may ask for your "Registration Access Code." Your Registration Access Code will change every semester.

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences students with a Program of Study should not need a Registration Access Code. If you have tried to register and the system requested your Registration Access Code, and you are a music major, email me at Include in the email your A-number. I cannot get your Registration Access Code without your A-number.

If you are not a music major, contact the chair of your department. I can only supply Registration Access Codes for music majors.

If Charger Central has told you that you need a Registration Access Code, do not believe them without checking. Try to register for your classes. If Banner says you need a Registration Access Code, you can believe that.

If you have not yet tried to register, and just want to know whether or not you need a Registration Access Code, contact a psychic. Please do not ask me to look it up unless Banner has requested it this semester. The process of looking up Registration Access Codes is time-consuming.

If You Need Permission for a Music Class

Not all music classes require permission. Please do not request permission for a music class unless Banner tells you that you need permission, as the process is very time-consuming. If you are told that you need departmental permission or instructor permission, send an email to Don Bowyer at

Include in the email:

  • Your Name
  • Your A-number
  • The Course Title of the course for which you need permission
  • The Subject & Course Number (i.e. MU 201) of the course for which you need permission
  • The CRN of the course for which you need permission

The next time I am in Banner, I will enter your permission and reply to your email to let you know that you can register for the course.