Music Advising 101

When advising students on class selection, start with these basic ideas.


Send the student to Academic Advising (Frank Bell & Amy Mack) for all GER questions.


Send the student to the major or minor department for questions in those areas.


Ask the student what emphasis he or she intends to pursue.  Be prepared to explain the differences.  Essentially, the education, performance, jazz, and technology emphases replace the minor of the traditional liberal arts emphasis.  If a student just wants to graduate as quickly as possible, the liberal arts emphasis is usually the way to go.  For reference, of the 46 music students who have graduated since 2006:

  • 23% were in the Liberal Arts Emphasis  (13 students)
  • 19% were Music Education Emphasis  (11 students)
  • 16% were in the Performance Emphasis  (9 students)
  • 16% were in the Technology Emphasis  (9 students)
  • 7% were in the Jazz Emphasis  (4 students)


Use the Advising Resources on our Faculty Links page, which are also on the Student Info Links page.  These links are included: