Prospective Students

Do you want a music education that works for you?

Some music students do better at a really big school where they can be anonymous. Others excel in a smaller, family-style environment like the UAH Department of Music. With approximately 60 music majors, we have six full-time and more than thirty part-time faculty. We know our students and we care about them.

Of course, we have more than music majors involved in music at UAH. More than 200 students from every college and department on campus are involved in our 15-20 ensembles each semester. More than 1300 students were enrolled in music classes of all kinds last year.

Let's Start a Conversation

If you have even the slightest interest, concern or question about music at UAH, the first and easiest thing to do is fill out the form on the sidebar to the left of this text. Fill in as much information as you like and hit submit. Someone from our staff will contact you immediately.

Contact Us and Come for a Visit

The most important thing to do if you are considering a degree in music is to contact the Music Department and schedule a visit. Meet with the department chair and other faculty, sit in with an ensemble, observe a class... all of these things can be arranged for your visit if we have enough advance notice. Contact the Music Department at 256-824-6436 or Alternatively, you can start that ball rolling by filling out the contact form to the left of this text.

Be Heard. Contact Us.

The easiest way to initiate contact with the Music Department is by completing the Contact Form on the left side of the screen. Simply fill in as much information as you like and hit submit. Someone from our staff will contact you immediately. Alternatively, feel free to contact the Music Department by phone at 256-824-6436 or via email at

Shadow-A-Music-Student Day

Each semester, we have a Shadow-A-Music-Student Day. This is a day when most public schools are out of school, but UAH has classes. You come in at 8:00am and spend the day with one of our music majors, going from class to class to get an idea of what it's like.


The Department of Music has several different types of auditions:

  • Auditions to be a music major or music minor
  • Scholarship auditions
  • Auditions to be in a specific band, choir, jazz group, etc.


The Department of Music offers two different kinds of music scholarships:

  • Endowed scholarships for music majors (and occasionally minors)
  • Ensemble scholarships that are available, by audition, to any full-time student registered for the relevant ensemble

Student Info Links

We've put together a full page of web links specifically for music students at UAH.

Degree Options

Many people ask "What can I do with a music degree?" A better question might be "What can't you do?" There are a handful of careers that require a specific undergraduate degree, including engineering, nursing, and accounting. A great many more require a non-specific college degree.

Besides working as music teachers or performers, there are music students who have gone on to law school, medical school (out of all undergraduate majors, music has the highest medical school acceptance rate), and careers in virtually every field. Other careers in music include music administration, music composition, music software development, music therapy, retail music, church music, private music teaching, etc.

To meet these needs, the UAH Department of Music offers the Bachelor of Arts in Music, which gives a graduate a well-rounded college education. With this degree, students can pursue any of the following degree options:

  • Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
  • Music Education
  • Performance
  • Jazz
  • Music Technology
  • Church Music (new in 2012)
  • Music Business (new in 2012)
  • Piano Pedagogy (new in 2012)