Music at UAH

Why Study Music at UAH?

  1. The UAH Department of Music has nearly tripled in size in the past decade.
  2. UAH Music faculty have performed in all 50 states, several U.S. territories, and nearly 50 foreign countries on six continents.
  3. More than 75 pieces of music have been published by UAH Music faculty.
  4. Music software created by UAH Music faculty has been used in at least 120 countries on six continents.
  5. UAH Music student ensembles have visited seven foreign countries in recent years.
  6. Students from every college and every major on campus participate in UAH Music student ensembles.
  7. At least 36% of UAH Music graduates in a recent study had gone on to graduate music programs, and at least 29% had held K-12 or university teaching positions.

Music Careers

There are many music careers that one can pursue with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. Most people believe that there are only two options: performing or teaching. Here is a longer list of options that should be considered:

  • Music Performance (symphony orchestras, operas, jazz, rock, pop, etc.)
  • Music Education (teaching in schools, teaching privately)
  • Music Therapy (using music as an aid to healing)
  • Music Administration (managing symphonies, music societies, rock stars, etc)
  • Composition (classical, rock, country, film music, advertising, etc.)
  • Music Software Development
  • Electronic Musical Instrument Engineering
  • Recording Engineering
  • Record Production
  • Retail Music (selling music, instruments, and accessories)
  • Film Music Orchestration and Editing
  • Music Publishing