Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Andrei Gandila
Ancient and Medieval Europe

Dr. James Isbell
U.S., Military History

Dr. Molly W. Johnson
Modern Germany, Women's History

Dr. John F. Kvach
Nineteenth Century U.S.

Dr. Nicole Pacino
Latin America

Dr. Evan Ragland
History of Science and Medicine

Dr. Christine E. Sears
Atlantic World

Dr. Stephen P. Waring
Twentieth Century U.S.


Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Andrew J. Dunar 
Dr. Richard A. Gerberding 
Dr. John K. Severn
Dr. Philip P. Boucher
Dr. Jack Ellis
Dr. Johanna N. Shields
Dr. Carolyn W. White
Dr. John C. White
Dr. Lee E. Williams, II

Part-Time Faculty

Dr. Emily Cook
U.S. Women & Public Policy

George Kappler
World History

Carl Malm
World History

Kenneth Moore
Early America

Dr. Thomas Reidy
World History

Barbara Wrenn Wright
World History


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