Theatre Minor

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To enroll call 824-6909 or speak with your advisor.

For more information: or call 824-6909

Requirements (24 hours total):

1) Core theatre requirements: 15 hrs.

CM 122 Theatre Appreciation – 3 hrs.
CM 221 Acting – 3 hrs
CM 322 Theatre History I or CM 323 Theatre History II -3 hrs.
CM 325 Elements of Theatre Production – 3 hrs.
CM 425 Theatre Mainstage – 3 hrs.

2) Electives: Nine hours, three hours of which must be chosen from Group A, and six hours of which must be chosen from Group B:

Group A:

ARS 140 Three-Dimensional Design
ARS 160 Introduction to Drawing
FL 204 International Cinema
MU 100 Introduction to Music Literature
MU 101 Introduction to Music Theory
MUA or MUJ (studio instruction or participation in ensembles: up to 3 hrs.)

Group B:

EH 360 Shakespeare
EH 380 Restoration and Early Eighteenth Century
EH 421 Modern Drama
PHL 310 Philosophy of Art
PY 330/CM 330 Nonverbal Communication