Communication Arts Courses (CM)

113 Introduction to Rhetorical Communication 3 hrs.

Develops public speaking skills through an examination of rhetorical theory, training, and practice. (offered Fall, Spring, and Summer)

122 Theater Appreciation 3 hrs.

Introductory survey of theater art focusing on understanding performance components and genres. (Satisfies fine arts elective.) (offered Fall, Spring and Summer)

205 Media Writing 3 hrs.

Basic news writing, learning how to identify news, develop leads, organize information, develop stories, revise drafts, and copyedit articles, all while working under simulated deadline pressure. (Offered Fall Only)

221 Acting 3 hrs.

Fundamentals of acting, including physical, vocal, and intellectual skills. Theory and practice in script analysis, scene study, improvisation, and mime. (offered Fall and Spring )

231 Foundations of Human Communication 3 hrs.

Examines how human communication shapes and adapts to a variety of practical settings—public, interpersonal, organizational, mass, and technical. (offered Fall, Spring, and Summer)

251 Decision-Making in Small Groups 3 hrs.

Introduction to the theories and techniques of group discussion and decision-making, emphasizing the skills of leadership, participation, and oral presentation. (offered every two years) -Next offered Spring 2012.

301 Technical Writing 3 hrs.

Practical writing, especially technical or scientific reports and proposals, with emphasis on organization, research and presentation. Prerequisite: EH 101-102 and junior standing. (Same as EH 301.) Lab Fee: $40. (offered Fall, Spring and Summer)

302 Technical Editing 4 hrs.

Clarifying, expanding, reducing, and rewriting technical reports and other documents created by others. Emphasis on elements of style and usage, revision, proofreading, and application of rhetorical techniques to the work of engineers, scientists, and technicians. Involves collaborative project with professional writers in industry. Prerequisite: EH 300 or EH 301 or CM 301. Offered spring semester only. (Same as EH 302.) Lab Fee: $40. (Offered Spring Only))

309 History of Rhetoric 3 hrs.

Survey of rhetorical theory from ancient Greece and Rome through twentieth century. Prerequisite: CM 113 or approval of instructor. (Offered Fall Only)

310 Persuasion 3 hrs.

Principles and practices in persuasive communication, emphasizing observation and analysis of persuasive events on qualitative and quantitative levels. (offered every two years) - Next offered Spring 2014.

313 Business and Professional Communication 3 hrs.

Examines communication theories and practices relevant to the business context with a focus on oral presentations, interviewing, group leadership, and face-to-face communication. Develops knowledge and skills necessary for effective communication within business environments. (Prepares administrative science students to meet the oral communication requirement in upper division and graduate business courses.) (Offered Fall, Spring & Summer). See sample CM 313 speeches on video by clicking here

316 Legal Argument 3 hrs.

Examines argumentation in legal communities, that is, the way lawyers and judges provide reasoned support for the positions they defend concerning what the law requires in a given case. It considers common forms of legal argument, sources and forms of evidence, and legal values that underlie legal argument. It provides students with a critical perspective from which to judge legal arguments and a basic set of tools for developing legal arguments. Prerequisite: Junior standing or consent of instructor. (offered every two years) - Next offered Fall 2012.

320 Practicum in Writing 1-3 hrs.

Writing and editing under the supervision of professionals. May be repeated up to 3 times for no more than 3 hours total credit. Prerequisites: CM 301, 302, enrollment in the Technical Writing Track, and a successful interview with the participating technical supervisor. Enrollment requires advance planning. (Offered Spring)

322 Theater History I 3 hrs.

Explores the development of theater art from its origins to French neoclassicism and Moliere with particular emphasis on the Greeks, Shakespeare, and his contemporaries. - Next offered Spring 2013

323 Theater History II 3 hrs.

Traces the development of world theater from French neoclassicism to contemporary drama with emphasis on changes in the twentieth century. - Next offered Spring 2014

325 Elements of Theatre Production 3hrs.

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the design components of theatre including scenery, costumes, lighting and sound through class projects and practical application. Prerequisite: CM 122 or permission of instructor. (Offered Spring)

330 Nonverbal Communication 3 hrs.

Examines the diversity of human nonverbal behavior and its influences on everyday communication experiences. (Same as PY 330.) - Next offered Fall 2012

331 Communication Theory 3 hrs.

Examines significant theory frameworks for the study of human communication and mass communication. Develops knowledge of communication processes and social influence. Provides preparation for senior seminar in communication theory and research. Prerequisite: CM 231 or permission of instructor. (Offered Spring)

333 Interpersonal Communication 3 hrs.

Examines the process of communication between individuals. Prerequisite: CM 231 or permission of instructor. (offered every two years) - Next offered Spring 2014.

340 Special Topics in Communication Arts 3 hrs.

Topics announced in advance. Representative topics include Media Effects, Intercultural Communication, and Corporeal Theory and Cultural Politics. May be repeated twice for credit. (offered every year in different topics)

345 Media Representation 3 hrs.

This course examines some of the relationships between media systems in the U.S. and their role in the social construction of cultural identities. This class will focus on media representations of race, gender, beauty, sexuality, body image and power, audience interpretations of such media portrayals, critical analyses of media culture and content, and what to do about these concerns: media literacy, activism & advocacy. Prerequisite: Junior standing or consent of instructor.

370 Communication Research Methods 3 hrs.

Examines social scientific concepts, theories and designs commonly used in interpersonal communication research. Develops knowledge and skills necessary for employment in fields involving the study of communication behavior and perception. Provides preparation for senior seminar in communication theory and research. Prerequisites: CM 231. (Offered Fall)

375 Rhetorical Criticism 3 hrs.

This course is an introduction to the critical analysis of public discourse. Specifically, it focuses on understanding how the variables of situation, audience, and rhetoric influence the production and reception of public messages. Prerequisites: CM 113 or approval of instructor. (Fffered Spring)

400 Internship 1-6 hrs.

Practical experience in the workplace allows the student to apply principles, theories, and skills learned in communication arts courses. Arranged by the student with consent of the chair, the student meets regularly with a faculty advisor, keeps a log of activities, and submits a report on the internship. Prerequisite: Senior standing with CM major. (NOTE: 3 hours of on-the-job work per week are required for each hour of semester credit) (offered Fall, Spring and Summer)

402 Theory and Practice in Technical Communication 3 hrs.

Explores the relationships between common practices in technical communication and the theories that legitimize those practices. Introduces students to research and theories about fundamental issues in technical communication, and may then become the basis for further graduate study in technical communication. Prerequisites: Advanced undergraduate standing, CM 301, 302 are strongly recommended. (Same as EH 400.) (offered Fall)

405 Advanced Media Writing 3 hrs.

Introduces and investigates a variety of media writing genres through the generation of advertising, public relations, magazine, and multimedia copy. Prerequisite: CM 205 or permission of instructor. (offered every two years) - Next offered Spring 2013

416 Women Orators 3 hrs.

Critical examination of women's public address as it has developed through women's participation in movements for abolition, temperance, women's suffrage, and equal rights. (offered every two years) - Next offered Spring 2013

425 Theatre Mainstage 3hrs.

This course provides students with an opportunity to experience the complete process of theatre including such elements as: direction, acting, design, tech and management. The class will produce two full length plays. Students will be auditioned to determine role in each production. Some will serve critical production roles such as design, direction, and management while others will act in one or both productions. In certain instances, a student actor may appear in both plays. Prerequisites: CM 221 or CM 325 or permission of instructor. (offered Fall and Spring)

430 Mass Media in America: Theory and Criticism 3 hrs.

This course encourages students to recognize the role media play in our everyday lives and in our construction of culture. The class also works to critically trace a media product through its production, content, audiences and social impact. The course emphasizes current research perspectives in media and its contemporary texts, primarily film, television, and mass marketed magazines. The course requires attention to and development of a media literacy campaigns. (Same as SOC 430.) (offered SUMMER TERM ONLY)

431 Senior Seminar in Communication Theory and Research 3 hrs.

Research and public presentation of original work demonstrating the ability to carry out a complete scholarly project. Prerequisites: CM 370, 375, and senior standing. Offered spring semester. (offered Fall and Spring

433 Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication

Traditional Interpersonal Communication pedagogy focuses on more of the positive aspects of relationship formation and maintenance. This course offers a more complete view of human relationships by exploring a variety of topics related to the "darker" side of relationships situated in the contexts of friendships, family members, and intimates. By exploring issues such as deception, fatal attraction, jealousy and envy, conflict, stalking, abuse, and many others, students acquire a more complete view of human relationships. 

444 Advertising

This course will examine the emergence of advertising as a form of communication, its influence upon other forms of mediated communication and its impact upon culture and society. Students will learn how to develop and present an advertising strategy for an actual brand.

455 Communication and Culture

This course focuses on the application of theory and research to intercultural communication. Topics and activities assist students in developing communication skills that improve their competence in intercultural situations. By addressing the different worldviews that shape our perceptions, values, attitudes, and beliefs of different people, the Culture and Communication course challenges students to become aware of cultural differences, avoid ethnocentrism, and work toward effective communication with unalike others.