CM Minor

Students in major courses of study which might be complemented by rhetorical or technical-communication studies are invited to consult the chair of communication arts about developing a minor. Among those whose studies might be complemented by a minor in communication arts are: students seeking to enhance their career opportunities through an understanding of practical discourse; English majors interested in rhetorical perspectives on literature; psychology and sociology majors who believe communication will be central to their work; engineering and science students who need to know how to present their ideas effectively to both technical and non-technical audiences (especially if they enter management positions); political science students interested in understanding communication processes central to political life, administrative science majors planning to enter a field where effective communication skills are highly valued, and pre-law majors.

A minor in communication arts consists of 21 hours of coursework taken within the department, at least 12 hours of which must be taken at or above the 300-level. At least half of the upper-level requirement must be taken at UAH.


All minors are required to take the following classes and 12 hours of electives from CM or approved courses from an allied discipline:

CM 113 Introduction to Rhetorical Communication - Offered Fall, Spring & Summer
CM 231 Foundations of Human Communication - Offered Fall, Spring, & Summer
CM 309 History of Rhetoric - Offered Fall Only  OR CM 331 Communication Theory - Offered Spring Only

Those choosing a minor emphasizing technical communication should elect to take the following and one other approved technical course for their 12 elective hours:

CM 301 Technical Writing - Offered Fall, Spring & Summer
CM 302 Technical Editing - Offered Spring Only
CM 320 Practicum in Writing - Offered Spring Only