Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts

Steps to becoming a Communication Arts major

Step 1

Schedule a meeting with the Chair of Communication Arts, Dr. Clarke Rountree, to ensure that Communication Arts is what you're looking for and will be able to meet your needs.

Step 2

Choose a minor. All Communication Arts majors are required to have a minor degree.

Step 3

Complete a POS (Plan of Study) in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences advising office in Morton Hall. Ideally your major and minor should be declared at beginning of the sophomore year. General Education Requirements (GER) are different in each college, so be sure that you are aware of what your requirements are as an Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences major.

Step 4

Arrange a meeting with one of the Communication Arts Professors to work with you as an advisor. You should pay very close attention to what the requirements are as well as which semester courses are offered so as to not elongate your college career.

Step 5

To be fully informed on the Communication Arts major please check our list of course requirements. In addition the Communication Arts major provides students with the option to do an undergraduate thesis and/or an internship. To find out more about the undergraduate thesis please check with your advisor. To find out more about internships please visit our internship web page.

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

UAH now offers a BA in Theatre through the Department of Communication Arts. This 39-hour major offers emphases in Tech Theatre, Acting, and Dramaturgy. The core curriculum of the theatre program is designed to give majors a broad exposure to producing and performing live theatre. For more information, call 256.824.6871 or ask your advisor how you can major, double major, or minor in theatre.

Please check the Theatre Major's course requirements.

For a full list of courses for the Communication Arts major, visit the UAH Catalog.

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Bachelor of Arts in Writing

The writing major prepares students for careers in writing-related fields, such as technical writing, publishing, social media consulting, and public relations, and/or for graduate studies in rhetoric and composition, communication, creative writing, education, or law. Its curriculum comprises a combination of courses offered by both the English Department and the Communication Arts Department.

Majors in the program can choose from one of six concentrations:

  • Technical & professional writing
  • Creative writing
  • Media writing
  • Rhetoric & composition
  • Public relations
  • A customized concentration created by the student in consultation with their advisor

Three of these concentrations – technical & professional writing, media writing, and public relations – include an internship component.

The program culminates in a capstone course in which students compile a professional portfolio of pieces that can be shared with prospective employers.

For a full list of courses for the writing major and course requirements, visit the UAH Catalog.

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Dual-Enrollment Program

Our department participates in the dual-enrollment program at UAH. Permitting junior and high school seniors are encouraged to apply to this unique program that provides an opportunity for students to earn both high school credit and college credit towards a degree at the University. To find more about the program please check the dual-enrollment site. To find out what courses in our department are applicable to this program please contact Dr. Clarke Rountree at

Communication Arts Minor

Students in major courses of study that might be complemented by rhetorical or technical communication studies are invited to consult the chair of communication arts about adding a minor. Among those whose studies might be complemented by a minor in communication arts are: students seeking to enhance their career opportunities through an understanding of practical discourse; English majors interested in rhetorical perspectives on literature; psychology and sociology majors who believe communication will be central to their work; engineering and science students who need to know how to present their ideas effectively to both technical and non-technical audiences (especially if they enter management positions); political science students interested in understanding the communication processes central to political life; administrative science majors planning to enter a field in which effective communication skills are highly valued; and pre-law majors.

A minor in communication arts consists of 21 semester hours of coursework taken within the department, at least 12 semester hours of which must be taken at or above the 300 level. At least half of the upper-level requirements must be taken at UAH.

Theatre Minor

Communication Arts and other majors may choose to minor in theatre. This program combines courses from theatre with electives in literature, music, art, cinema, philosophy, and nonverbal communication.

For a full list of courses for the Communication Arts minors, visit the UAH Catalog.

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