About Communication Arts

When we think about the purpose of communication classes in today's colleges, many of us probably think about the study of radio and television, and the importance of newer communication technologies like the World Wide Web. What we probably don't realize is that the disciplined study of persuasive communication actually dates back over 2500 years, making it one of the oldest "academic programs" in the university. Ancient Greeks and Romans, from Aristotle to Quintillian, recognized that the art of persuasive speaking is essential to everyone who desires to be effective in their community.

While much of our world has changed in the present age of information and technology, the Communication Arts faculty at UAH believe that human communication remains central to the success of our everyday lives at school, work and in the community. We offer courses that explore the nature of communicating in personal relationships, small groups, businesses, and the broad socio-political arena. Because of the unique challenges of new media, we also offer special tracks in technical and web communication. High demand and quality preparation has allowed our graduates to find careers in public relations, marketing, journalism, Web development and other areas of the communication industry. Whatever your particular interests, we encourage you to look around the site and contact one of us with any questions you have about our program.


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