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What is Co-op?

The UAH Cooperative Education Program (Co-op) offers qualified students the opportunity to gain practical work experience while earning an income and degree. Students work in positions directly related to their fields of study. There are many benefits to this multi-term, professional experience, including clarity of career choice, increased understanding of classroom theory, enhancement of marketability to employers following graduation and networking with professionals.


  • To prepare a co-op workforce through progressive professional development opportunities who are academically and professionally prepared to transition between classroom theory and workplace application.
  • To monitor and evaluate each co-op student’s experience to ensure they are receiving appropriate mentorship and guidance while participating in degree-related projects and tasks.
  • To provide our corporate partners with students who possess the most up to date knowledge in their field so that they may gain valuable training in order to easily transition into full time employees at graduation with no down time for the employer.
  • To create a community of co-op students and alumni who hold the knowledge and experience to not only be successful in today’s professional environment, but to also provide mentorship and guidance to future co-op students.