Women's Studies Program Advisory Committee

A faculty Program Advisory Committee consults on curricular matters, chooses scholarship and award winners, and advises on vision and programming.

Ellise Adams

Ms. Ellise Adams
Clinical Associate Professor of Nursing

Teaching and research interests: Clinical expertise in maternal-child nursing and advanced practice nursing; teaching responsibilities: Family Nurse Practitioner II Women's Health, Professional Practice in Nursing II, Family-Centered Parent-Infant Nursing; research interests: non-pharmacologic pain management in the laboring patient, birth philosophy in intrapartum nursing, epistemology of intrapartum nursing.

Angela Balla

Dr. Angela Balla
Assistant Professor of English

Teaching and research interests: Early modern English literature and religion, especially Milton, early women writers, the history of persecution and toleration, ethical and political theory, poetics.

Ann Bianchi

Ms. Ann Bianchi
Clinical Associate Professor of Nursing

Teaching and research interests: Clinical expertise in maternal-child nursing and community health nursing, research interests in pain relief methods for laboring women, normal birth issues, teaching-learning strategies.

Sandra Carpenter

Dr. Sandra Carpenter
Professor of Psychology, Past Director of Women's Studies

Teaching and Research Interests: Psychology of Women, Cross-cultural Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality, Culture Change in Bonaire, Teamwork, Security in Pervasive Computing.

Nancy Finley

Dr. Nancy Finley
Associate Professor of Sociology, Past Director of Women's Studies

Research and Teaching Interests: Sociological Theories of Gender, Alternative femininities and masculinities, and Gendered parenting, marriage and family, Introduction to Women's Studies.

Jill Johnson

Ms. Jill Johnson
Associate Professor of Art

Teaching and Research Interests: Painting, drawing, and Time-Based Media, Contemporary drawing practice, with a conceptual interest in psychoanalytical theory, French feminist criticism, particularly as these things apply to narrative, identity and the body.

Kathleen Leonard

Dr. Kathleen Leonard
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Teaching and Research Interests: environmental sustainability and women in STEM fields; recruiting of women and minorities into engineering through summer programs and middle school outreach.

Rose Norman

Dr. Rose Norman
Women's Studies Events Coordinator, Past Director of Women's Studies, Emeritus Professor of English

Christine Sears

Dr. Christine Sears
Assistant Professor of History

Teaching and Research Interests: world history, Early American history with an emphasis on the early American republic, comparative slavery, history of gender, pirates and privateering.