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The UAH Alumni Association is pleased to offer alumni an e-mail account powered by Google. Just complete a short online form and, upon confirmation of your status as a UAH graduate, you will receive an address. This service is FREE to all UAH alumni.

Your UAH Alumni Google e-mail account will include a suite of applications:

  • Google Mail-conversation views, easy searching and archiving of e-mail. You will never need to delete an e-mail again.
  • Google Calendar-schedule your professional and social life, create and share calendars, and invite others to meetings and events.
  • Google Drive-great for keeping track of your files -- available anytime, anywhere. Create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Access to Google Hangouts.
  • Google Groups and Google+ - connect with other alumni with similar interests.
  • More than 30 GB of allocated space to store your data.This e-mail is great to use on resumes and professional communication as well as for everyday uses.

How is this different from the forwarding e-mail address service that used to be offered to alumni?
This service is an actual email account, not email forwarding. (However, the UAH Alumni Google account does allow for you to forward your email to a third-party e-mail address - if you choose.) 

Just fill out the form below to request your new account.
*Upon the establishment of the account, you will receive confirmation via phone of your new account.*