England in the Footsteps of Virginia Woolf

This page is now devoted to class materials for EH 540 and 649 Virginia Woolf  in England.  It also includes some travel information for those taking the trip.

Trip arranged through Passports, and led by Dr. Rose Norman, University of Alabama in Huntsville. 

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About the Course (lectures, syllabus, etc.)

Travel Tips

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FAQ Pre  Trip

June 1-2  (Tues/Wed)

June 3 (Thurs): London

June 4 (Fri): Knole
& Sissinghurst
June 5 (Sat):
 Monk’s House and Charleston
June 6 (Sun):
 Train to
St. Ives, Cornwall

Jun 7 (Mon):
 St. Ives, and Return to London

Jun 8 (Tues):

Jun 9: Return Flight
Continental #035, 9:30 am (Gatwick-Houston-Huntsville)
Continental #019, 10:30 am
Continental #067, 11:55 am

We arrive home the same day.

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