Bibliographic and Other Reference Aids

Updated August 17, 2000

R signifies a book placed on 3-day Library Reserve for this seminar.  

Hussey, Mark, ed. Virginia Woolf on CD ROM

This CD has the complete text of all Woolf's novels, essays, and nonfiction, plus the published letters, diaries, and many other works.  It is an essential source for Woolf studies.

Kirkpatrick, B.J., ed.  A Bibliography of Virginia Woolf.  3rd ed.  
    New York: Oxford UP, 1980.  

There is a 4th edition, published in 1997, ed. Kirkpatrick and Stuart Clarke, but we don't have it yet.

R McNees, Eleanor, ed. Virginia Woolf: Critical Assessments. 4 vols.  
        Mountfield [England]: Helm Information, 1994.

This collection of Woolf criticism is an essential tool for research.

Updated August 17, 2000
Created June 30, 1997

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