College/DeptFacultyName of Projectlinked-Proposal ID
COS/Atmospheric Science Leiqiu Hu Harness Satellite Observations and Deep Learning to Identify the Irrigated Fields  RCEU20-AES-LH-01
AHSS/Animation-Game Design Vinny M Argentina 3D Interactive Training RCEU20-ART-VMA-01
AHSS/Animation-Game Design Vinny M Argentina A Place Through Time RCEU20-ART-VMA-02
COS/Biological Sciences Tatyana Sysoeva Functional characterization of commensal Lactobacilli from human urinary bladder RCEU20-BYS-TS-01
COE/Civil-Environmental Abdullahi Salman Simulating the Storm Surge from a Category 5 Hurricane Making Landfall in Mobile Bay, Alabama RCEU20-CEE-AMS
COS/Chemistry Bernhard  Vogler Monitoring metabolic changes in the TCA cycle using BATMAN software  RCEU20-CH- BV-01
COS-Chemistry Bernhard  Vogler Monitoring metabolic changes of Creatinine and in the Amino Acid cycle using BATMAN software RCEU20-CH- BV-02
COS-Chemistry James K. Baird Chemical Reactions at the Critical Point of Solution RCEU20-CH-JKB-01
COS-Chemistry Sharifa T Love-Rutledge Quantifying islet area in a Type 1 Diabetes susceptible rodent model RCEU20-CH-SLR-01
COE/Chemical-Material Isaac Torres Diaz Directed Assembly of Binary Magnetic Particles RCEU20-CHE-ITD-02
AHSS/Communications Candice Lanius Measuring Physiological Response to Communication Apprehension Using Heart Rate Intervals RCEU20-CM-CLL-01
AHSS/Communications John H. Saunders Dr. Seuss as Cultural Pedagogue RECU20-CM-JHS-01
COS/Computer Science Harry S Delugach Creating and Deploying Automated Software Test Procedures with Regression Testing RCEU20-CS-HSD-01
AHSS/English Ryan Weber The Rhetorical Effects of the Phrase “According to Science” RCEU20-EH-RW-01
COS/Atmospheric Science Leah M Kucera Creatively Communicating Concepts in Satellite-based Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)  For Forest Monitoring Applications RCEU20-ESS-LMK-01
AHSS/History Christine Sears  Mount Paran Cemetery Digital History and Mapping Project RCEU20-HY-CES-01
COEd/Kinesiology Ryan T. Conners Effects of Water Temperature on Heart Rate and Core Temperature During Aquatic Treadmill Walking in Adults with and without Multiple Sclerosis RCEU20-KIN-RTC-01
Library/Archives Reagan L. Grimsley Mapping Marshall Notables RCEU20-LIB-RLG-01
COS/Mathematical Sciences Shangbing Ai Optimal Control and Numerical Bifurcation Analysis of Interactive Sterile and  Wild Mosquitoes Populations  RCEU20-MA-SA-01
COE/Mechanical & Aerospace jason thomas cassibry Electric Field Proximity Measurements for Pulsed Power Safety in Fusion Propulsion Experiments RCEU20-MAE-JTC-01
COE/Mechanical & Aerospace jason thomas cassibry Optical Isolation in Fusion Propulsion Experiments RCEU20-MAE-JTC-02
COE/Mechanical & Aerospace Kunning G Xu Characterization of a Surface Plasma Source for Micro Propulsion RCEU20-MAE-KGX-01
COE/Mechanical & Aerospace Konstantinos Kanistras Multi-winglet optimization using Geometric Programming RCEU20-MAE-KK-01
COE/Mechanical & Aerospace Konstantinos Kanistras Circulation Control Optimization Using Geometric Programming RCEU20-MAE-KK-02
COE/Mechanical & Aerospace Konstantinos Kanistras Design and Development of a Robust Controller for SMA Actuators RCEU20-MAE-KK-03
COS/Physics & Astronomy Ming Sun Hunting for Ultra Diffuse Galaxies in the Hubble Space Telescope Data Archive  RCEU20-PH-MS-01
COS/Physics & Astronomy Seyed Sadeghi Biochemical sensors based on metallic nanoparticles RCEU20-PH-SS-02
AHSS/Sociology Christina Steidl Stuck in a Dead-End Job: Factors that create Job Search Inertia among Low Income Workers RCEU20-SOC-CS-01
AHSS/Sociology Jennifer P. Sims Sign here: Best practices for protecting LGBTQIA youth research participants RCEU20-SOC-JPS-01
COS/Space Science-CSPAR Ying Zou Classifying Aurora Borealis: from human eyes to machine vision RCEU20-SPA-YZ-01
AHSS/Sociology Robert Thompson N/A N/A
LSAMP/COS-Chemistry Sharifa Love-Rutledge Assessing NAFLD score in a novel model of age-induced glucose intolerance N/A
LSAMP/COS-Chemistry Sharifa Love-Rutledge Developing automated methods of quantitation for histopathological sections using FIJI N/A
COS/Atmospheric Science Ms. Megan Sirbaugh Effects of Sea Level Rise on Displacement and Health in the Pacific Northwest HCR-1
COS/Biological sSciences Dr. Luis Cruz-Vera A study of tnaC’s role in the universal expression regulation of RF2-dependent regulons HCR-2
COE/Mechanical & Aerospace Dr. Gabe Xu Plasma Jet modeling with SPF-Max HCR-3
COS/Atmospheric Science Dr. Kevin Knupp Classifying Tornadic Storms in the Tennessee Valley HCR-4
COE/Mechanical & Aerospace Dr. Judith Schneider Microstructural Characterization of Additively Manufactured Metal Components HCR-5
COS/Biological sSciences & Chem Dr. Sharifa Love-Rutledge Developing a Method to Elucidate Biomarkers of Type-1 Diabetes Metabolites in Blood HCR-6
COS/Physics Dr. Ming Sun Fragmented Brightest Galaxy Clusters HCR-7
COE/Chemical-Material Dr. Isaac Torres-Diaz Interaction of Spiky Particles with Substrates HCR-8
COS/Biological Sciences Ms. Judy Cooper Family Genetics Project N/A