College/Dept Faculty Name of Project linked-Proposal ID
AES John Mecikalski Monitoring Atlantic Hurricane Intensity Changes using 1-min GOES-16 Geostationary Lightning Mapper Data RCEU2021_AES-JRM-01
AES Udaysankar S Nair Environmental monitoring of Air Quality Using Low-cost Sensors RCEU21-AES-USN-01
BYS Ahmed Lawan Role of MKP-2 in Hepatic Inflammatory Response to Fasting in Mice RCEU21-BYS-AL-01
BYS Joseph Ng Identifying Biomarkers for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Humans RCEU21-BYS-JDN-01
BYS Lawana Adcock-Downey A Comparison of Root Architecture and Morphology of Two Cultivars of Panicum virgatum (‘Carthage’ versus ‘Shawnee’) Under Temperature Variations. RCEU21-LAD-01
BYS Matthew L Niemiller Development and testing of an environmental DNA assay to detect and monitor the federally endangered Alabama Cavefish RCEU21-BYS-MLN-01
BYS Tatyana Sysoeva "Expression and purification of proteins involved in transfer of conjugative plasmids in Escherichia coli" CEU21-BYS-TS-01
BYS Tatyana Sysoeva Analysis of horizontal gene transfer mechanisms in soil microbiomes RCEU21-BYS-TS-02
BYS Tatyana Sysoeva Conjugative plasmid transfer in biofilms of pathogenic Escherichia coli RCEU21-BYS-TS-03
CH James Baird Critical Phenomena in Organic Binary Liquid Mixtures RCEU-2021-Mote
CH Surangi Jayawardena Critical Phenomena in Organic Binary Liquid Mixtures RCEU21-CH-SJ-01
CHE Kyung-Ho Roh Identification of novel peptide ligands against human CD40 RCEU21-CHE-KHR-01
CHE Yu Lei Develop Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) Adsorbents for Air Revitalization System RCEU21-CHE-YL-02
CM John H. Saunders The Rhetorical Landscape of Public Memory in Alabama RECU21-CM-JHS-01
CS Harry S Delugach Traceability Management in Software Development RCEU21-CS-HSD-02
CS Joshua D Booth Optimizing Sparse Tensor Computations via Orderings and Multilayered Data-Structures RCEU21-CS-JDB-01
ED Frances A Hamilton A Student Becomes a Practicing Researcher While Comparing Knowledge of and Confidence Levels of Pre-Admission Teacher Preparation Program Students (PTPPSs) to Teacher Candidates in Internships (TCIs) During Lesson Plan Writing RCEU20-ED-FAH-01
MA Shangbing Ai Dynamics and Optimal Control in Epidemic Models RCEU21-MA-SA-01
MAE Guangsheng Zhang Smart Nails for Lithium-ion Battery Safety Characterization RCEU21-MAE-GZ-01
MAE Jason Cassibry Dielectrophoretic Control of Macroscopic Media for In-Space Applications RCEU21-MAE-JTC-01
MAE Jason Cassibry Studies in Additive Manufacturing Techniques for Pulsed Fusion Experiments RCEU21-MAE-JTC-02
MAE Konstantinos Kanistras SMA-actuated, Compliant Mechanism-based Morphing Flap RCEU21-MAE-KK-01
MAE Konstantinos Kanistras Design and Development of an Online Wind Tunnel for the Aerodynamics Lab RCEU21-MAE-KK-02
PH Ming Sun Hunting for isolated warm gas clouds in the Virgo cluster of galaxies RCEU21-PH-MS-01
PH Ming Sun Studying the structure of giant galaxies with the HST data RCEU21-PH-MS-02
PH Themis Chronis Stabilizing plasma through microwave emission RCEU21-PH-TC-01
CON/NUR Dr. Lenora Smith The Impact of COVID-19 on Older Adults in Rural Alabama View Proposal
COS/Department of Physics & Astronomy Dr. Lingze Duan Testing a Fiber-Optic Heat-Flux Sensor for NASA’s Venus-Landing Missions View Proposal
COE/CHE Dr. Anuradha Subramanian Temporal Understanding of the Conversion of Normal Synovial Fibroblasts into Osteoarthritic Fibroblasts. View Proposal
COE/CHE Dr. Isaac Torres-Diaz Brownian Dynamics of Interacting Anisotropic Magnetic Nanoparticles View Proposal
AHSS/Communication Arts Dr. Candice Lanius Mental Health Treatment Services Exposure in LGBTQ+ College Students of Color View Proposal
COS/ESS Dr. Larry Carey Using Fuzzy Logic and Polarimetric Radar to Better Understand Pyrocumulus Clouds View Proposal
COS/Atmospheric and Earth Science Mr. Ryan Wade Evaluating Depolarization Streaks in Radar as an Indicator for Lightning Potential View Proposal