Information about CLEP:

The College Board's website provides additional information about CLEP exams, including exam descriptions and test preparation resources:

You can also contact your academic adviser to discuss whether CLEP is right for you.


CLEP exams:

College Composition Modular (EH 101, 102), General Chemistry, College French, College German, College Spanish, Western Civilization I, Western Civilization II, History of the US I, History of the US II, Introductory Sociology, American Government, Introductory Psychology, Financial Accounting, Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics, Info Systems and Computer Applications


Other important information about UAH's CLEP policy:

-Students may not repeat an exam within 6 months of the testing date.

-You may not earn credit via CLEP for a course you have been enrolled in for more than 2 weeks.

-Students who have already completed EH 101 or a comparable course are not eligible to take a CLEP test for EH 102.

-Native or quasi-native speakers of a foreign language should contact the Department of World Languages and Cultures at 256-824-6300 prior to registering for a CLEP test. 

-Students who have already completed CH 121/125 or a comparable course are not eligible to take CLEP test for CH 123/126.


I'm ready to take a CLEP exam! What do I do?

For more information including policies, how to get credit, how to make appointments, what to bring on test day, a list of tests that are offered and fees, please visit the CLEP section of the Testing Services website!