Important Message For HESI A2 Testing

To register to take the HESI A2 exam AFTER May 31, 2017, click on this link:

**Beginning June 1, 2017, the HESI A2 exam fee will be $75.00. Please make a note of this change.**


Please use the instructions below for HESI A2 exams given on May 11th, May 15th, and May 25th.

What is HESI?

HESI isn’t just one exam. It’s a suite of products, including exams, to help students prepare for their board exams (most commonly the NCLEX exams for nursing).

In most cases, individual schools select the specific HESI exams and prep-products that will be made available to their students. The products chosen by the schools include exams that can be taken before students ever enter the program, exams and prep-products offered throughout individual courses, and a comprehensive exit exam that covers the entire curriculum.


How does HESI help students prepare for certification exams – most commonly the NCLEX?

Questions on HESI exams are written at the critical-thinking level – like those that students will see on the board exam. That means the questions on HESI exams are often more challenging than some of the other practice questions students will see throughout their education.

So while HESI can be tough, so is the NCLEX. And the more often students are exposed to the rigorous style of questions they’ll see on the NCLEX or certification exam, the more comfortable and confident they’ll be when they take the actual exam.


How do I prepare for a HESI exam?

The best way to go into your exams feeling confident is to practice first – the earlier the better! Here are some tools to help you get started:

HESI Case Studies and HESI Practice Tests are often required by instructors to help get students ready for their HESI exams (and the boards.) Students who’ve used them say they’re the best practice available to help prepare for HESI exams. The questions are written like the questions you’ll see on the HESI exams, and there are more in these products than in any other source! So if your instructor had you purchase either or both of these products, make sure you’re using them fully. You won’t regret it.

The HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX is also great preparation for your HESI exams. Besides additional questions for practice on the CD-ROM, you’ll also find HESI Hints in the book. Read them carefully, along with all the rationales that come with the questions. Students say this product really has helped them be more successful on the exams.

Since HESI exam questions are written like NCLEX questions, quality NCLEX review products are also good for extra practice. There are a lot of different options available. 


How do I register for the HESI at UAH?

Registration is completed online by visiting the link here.