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My name is John Gilbert and I have been a faculty advisor for our Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for nearly thirty years.  We are currently raising funds to attend and compete at student competitions across the country and would like to make you aware of the benefits of financially supporting "Team UAH." 

Team UAH would like to invite you to become a part of the action by joining our "HOT LINKS" program.  In return for your support, we will provide a "hot link" to your organization so that you can promote products, services, and employment opportunities.  Our site has been registered with over 1500 search engines worldwide and we have been logging hits at a phenomenal rate.  Many of these come from the best and brightest students in the world.

If you do elect to support the Chapter, please consider making a check out to "UAH ASCE Student Chapter." It should be sent directly to the CEE Department. They will process it thorough the system so that you get the credit that you deserve. The mailing address is:

ASCE Student Chapter
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Huntsville, Alabama 35899

Before I begin to provide you with good reasons and additional incentives to support the Chapter, you should know that the Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers is a non-profit institution affiliated with the University of Alabama in Huntsville. We are tax exempt; our Federal and State identification numbers are 63-0520830 and EX742, respectively.

Our objective is to showcase our Chapter's expertise and to give ASCE and the rest of our sponsors the recognition that they so well deserve for supporting the UAH Student Chapter and Team UAH! We are one of the most active student organizations on campus and have received nearly 300 awards in recognition of our activities. To date, we have distributed $35k in scholarship funds.  Despite the fact that our annual expenditures range between $18k and $30k, we have kept our local dues to $25 per year, making the Chapter one of the best bargains at UAH.

Team UAH annually competes at the Southeast Conference which is typically held in March. The Southeast covers the states of Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida, as well as the commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  There are 27 schools that have ASCE student chapters and/or clubs in this region and students from these organizations compete in as many as fourteen events. Teams may qualify for the ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC) or the ASCE/AISC Steel Bridge Competition.

ASCE's National Concrete Canoe Competition is typically held in June.  Team UAH has represented the Southeast sixteen times at the national level and we have five national titles to our credit. According to a recent ASCE media coverage report, totals for print, television, and radio coverage for the National Concrete Canoe Competition reached an estimated 119 million readers/audience.

In this competition, engineering students from across North America and Canada showcase their ingenuity and problem-solving skills as they race concrete canoes they designed and built. In the past, our teams pioneered computer generated mold production, the use of graphite for reinforcement, multi-layered composite sections, high stiffness ratios, dynamic tuning, and post processing pre-impregnated materials within a pre-cured matrix. They stressed the importance of section design based on flexural strength; and, capitalized on atomic bonding and molecular interaction to produce a new generation of high performance cementitious composites. 

We are always trying to do something different to keep ahead of the pack and this year's stint is nothing short of staggering.  We completely reorganized our organizational structure, incorporated a splash guard and seat rail in our canoe to improve performance, simplified our structural analysis, incorporated a reinforced core that saved weight over an un-reinforced canoe, developed a multi-level material design approach, incorporated concrete constituents to increase the homogeneity of our concrete mix, and introduced an efficiency parameter to compare our concrete mixes.  

As you may imagine, it takes thousands of dollars to compete in the Southeast and at nationals.  The Chapter must cover up-front costs ranging from registration fees to supplies for the our design paper, display, presentation, product, races, and competition T-shirts.  Then come our defrayed costs that can be held/charged with credit cards including airfare, ground transportation, lodging, and car rental. 

In view of these costs, we really need your help. Although there are some restrictions regarding sponsorship, in return for your support, we are willing to take things like a company banner with us so that it can be displayed at the competition and used for a team photo. We typically travel across the country and would be most willing to place a company logo on our trailer. If you are willing to donate other items such as caps, etc., I guarantee that they will be put to good use..

As illustrated by the examples below, we will also install a link to you on our web site. Following the competition, you will also receive a token of our appreciation. Again, your contribution is tax deductible and will be acknowledged by our development office.

Dr. Houssam Toutanji is my fellow faculty advisor and we have taken steps to transfer the technology associated with our effort to the industrial, academic, and governmental sectors via refereed publication. Many of our students have completed theses and dissertations on topics related to the competitions that Chapter members compete in. One of my students from NASA, for example, completed a dissertation that characterizes highly compliant reinforced cementitious composites. We came to the conclusion that these materials offer more design flexibility than aerospace composites made from materials such as graphite/Kevlar and epoxy. AMCOM later expressed an interest in the work and one of their employees completed his doctorate by exploring the structural dynamics associated with these new materials. A rocket, constructed using the same lay-up included in one of our canoes has already been launched.

The students have a very dynamic five-minute long presentation that describes their effort from start to finish. If you think that it would help, they would be most willing to entertain you and your management with the latter and answer any questions that arise. So please feel free to contact us.

I would very much appreciate it if you could confirm your support as soon as possible. The less time that we spend on fund raising, the more time that we can spend preparing for the competition. 

Thanks a million! I look forward to hearing from you....  John A. Gilbert, Ph.D.


Our past and present sponsors include:

Optechnology, Inc.

5000 Allendale Drive
Huntsville, Alabama 35811
(256) 489-2186      

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This initiative has been so well received by our sponsors that most of them have decided to link back to us!  Again, your donation will be acknowledged by our administration for tax purposes and you will receive a thank you from the Chapter along with a progress report and a token of our appreciation.  So why wait?