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2013 - "APOLLO"


Overall length of boat: 22 ft

N1et weight of canoe: 80 lb

Concrete:33 lb/ft3

Reinforcement: 2 layers of graphite prepreg

Placement: 2nd in Southeast

Regional Conference: Florida International University; University of Miami
Miami, FL

National Competition: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, IL.

     P: Matthew Wallace
     VP: Alex Beck
     S: Joanna Jordan
     T: Jessica Carr
COB: Matt Pinkston

SEC Conference Coordinator: Joanna Jordan

Community Service Coordinator: Alex Beck

Faculty Advisors:
     Dr. John Gilbert; Dr. Houssam Toutanji

Contact Member:
     Mr. Jackie Whitaker

US Navy Campus Liaison Officer:
     Dr. Teng K. Ooi

Concrete Canoe Project Manager:
    Matt Pinkston

Concrete Canoe Project Engineer:
   Charles Boyles

Concrete Canoe Team Captains:
   To be determined

   Katie Morell

Professional Training and Development:
    Mr. John Bentley
Media Relations:
     Mr. Ray Garner

Our competition theme:


This year, Team UAH soared to new heights and we're proud to showcase our greatest technological achievement.  Our effort was dedicated to Neil Armstrong and the team of engineers and scientists who were responsible for the first moon landing.

Our presentation team.

We competed in Miami in the Southeast Conference where we finished second behind Florida.

We qualified for Nationals but filed a Reconstruction Request after we determined that damage sustained in the flotation tank rendered our entry unsafe for competition at the national level.  The request was denied, thereby entitling the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez to represent the Southeast along with Florida. Florida went on to nationals where they placed third behind ETS and Nevada-Reno. 

While constructing our entry, we refined our method for placing concrete around pre-impregnated graphite fiber materials which we baked at elevated temperature once the concrete cured.

We employed more temperature sensitive materials to lower the transition temperature, 

designed a better concrete which had adequate flexural strength once the process was complete, 

and built out own baking facility to demonstrate how in-situ curing can be accomplished.

We're looking forward to next year's competition in Tampa.

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