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2006 - "Full SPECTRUM"


Overall length of boat:
6.57 m (21.54 ft)     

Net weight of canoe:
78.9 kg (174 lb)

1192 kg/m3 (74.4 lb/ft3)

Three Layers of Spatially Separated Un-impregnated

7th at Nationals

Regional Conference:
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

National Competition:
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

     P: Annette Wilson
     VP: Tony Marshall
     S:  Emily Miller
     T: David Fisher
     SBC: Jordan Farina 

Faculty Advisors:
     Dr. John Gilbert
     Dr. Houssam Toutanji

Contact Members:
     Ms. Lori Visone (Goolesby)
     Dr. Teng K. Ooi

Concrete Canoe Project Manager:
     Annette Wilson

Concrete Canoe Project Engineer:
     Roy Berryman

Concrete Canoe Team Captains:
    Tony Marshall
     Emily Miller

     Sarah Watts (Yeldell)
     John Gilbert

Professional Training and Development:
     Mr. John Bentley
     Mr. Todd Watts

Media Relations:
     Mr. Phil Gentry

Technical Editor:
   Ms. Kay Bradburn

Team UAH emerged victorious from the swamp in Gainesville...

and represented the Southeast at the 2006 National Concrete Canoe Competition
on June 15th - 17th in Stillwater, Oklahoma... 
Huntsville Times said: "UAH can do it best."  See: 2006 UAH Design Report

Specifications, properties, and characteristics of "Full Spectrum."

The hull design for "Full SPECTRUM" was formulated with the help of "MAXSURF" V 11.03, software provided courtesy of Formation Design Systems.

Our 2006 Goals:

              "If you can dream it, you can do it." -- Walt Disney

Just like Walt Disney, our predecessors relied on their inner strength and a remarkable combination of team spirit and collective vision to produce classics like "Rock-It", "Defender", "Spirit of America", "Rapid Fire", and "Survivor".  Each of these national championship concrete canoes had its own unique characteristics but the collective efforts spent by the people that built them give Team UAH one of the best track records in the world.

We continued our chapter's winning tradition... by employing a global management strategy to cover all the bases in every competition that we entered with:

Prior to nationals, we released a power-packed, 37.7 MB, five minute presentation... backing our claim: "We've got it covered!" along with information describing "STARS" and our theme: "We've got it covered!" (see below).  

The promotional segment features music by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's... Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Lynyrd Skynyrd performs Sweet Home Alabama with special performers:
Bob Burns on drums - Artimus Pyle on percussions - Ed King on guitar -
JoJo & Leslie (the original Honkettes) backup vocals & Kid Rock.

Team UAH Promotional Photos
(37.7 MB; warning contains audio clip)
STARS        We've Got It Covered

2006 Nationals:

Dress Rehearsal... Team UAH point man and Army ROTC member Dane Schoonover
prepares to demonstrate the capabilities of "Full Spectrum" at nationals in Stillwater.

Our team chills out during a practice session on Boomer Lake at Stillwater.

Team members check out the presentation hall, flotation tank, and display space on the lawn.

"Full Spectrum" was a Strategically Tuned Absolutely Resilient Structure (STARS) designed to demonstrate dynamic tuning to the U.S. Army.  Our predecessors applied the technology to win the competition in 2001...

Gilbert, J.A., Ooi, T.K., Engberg, R.C., "Modal analysis of a lightweight concrete canoe,"  Concrete Canoe Magazine, 1(1): 27-32 (2006).

and our team worked with Optechnology. Inc. to develop STARS for energy transfer and morphing applications...

Biszick, K.R., Toutanji, H.A., Gilbert, J.A., Matotta, S.A, Ooi, T.K., "Evolution of strategically tuned absolutely resilient structures (STARS)," Proc. of SEM Annual Conference & Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Saint Louis, Missouri, June 5-7, 2006, Paper No. 32, 7 pages.

ConcreteCanoe.org interviewed the major proponents behind our team's effort and summarized it in:

"Full Spectrum Encompasses "STARS" Technology

An important application of STARS technology is to act as a buffer or part of a barrier to reduce the chance of sympathetic detonation... the "Detonation of a charge by exploding another charge adjacent to it."

Concrete canoe materials may protect home front and troops abroad.

The use of STARS in such a fashion will allow deployed forces to secure munitions dumps and other sensitive structures by ensuring that during attack, the contents of the structures will remain undisturbed.

 We enhanced our boat's swimming motion 
   by incorporating new developments in hydrodynamic design 
  so that we moved through the water like dolphins swimming in the ocean.

Full SPECTRUM" featured a dynamically tuned hull and a new hydrodynamic design derived from an extensive database.

The canoe was produced using a male mold constructed by gluing foam sections between plywood templates. 

When we placed the canoe on February 18, 2006, we used ten colors to create complex concrete inlays.

We placed a relatively flexible concrete around three layers of graphite mesh.


Getting prepared...

Hand crafted for Team UAH by Mark Cauthen, this 52 inch long, 12 degree bent shaft paddle had a very large blade and a relatively stiff shaft.

To become an excellent paddler, you need to practice your paddling techniques.  But weight lifting, endurance training (running, biking, etc.), and good diet are also important.  Take it form the pros...

Team UAH (L o R): Josh, Dane, Jordan, Shannon, Annette, and Emily. 

Alumni Notes:

We've got it covered with "Full Spectrum."

Team UAH - 2006 Southeast Regional Concrete Canoe Champs!

Our team earned the privilege of representing the Southeast for the fourteenth time at the national level by winning the 2006 Southeast Regional Concrete Canoe Competition held in Gainesville, Florida on March 29th - April 1st.  We ran into a problem regarding the sealant on our boat and suffered a 50% reduction in our final product score (details).   

We were glad to see some of our alumni in Stillwater, Oklahoma on June 15th - 17thWe also had several alumni step up to the mark and lend their support during our stint.

Past presidents Todd Watts and Sarah Watts (Yeldell) worked closely with the team to instill human dynamics.  Team UAH alumni Lori Visone (Goolesby) and Teng Ooi served as our contact members.  Ms. Watts worked with the paddlers on the pond.  Our prior coach and four-time national champion Team UAH alumni, Jeff Lindner, addressed the chapter as a speaker at one of our chapter meetings... where many of our past members showed up including past president Greg Laue.  David Tidwell prepared the graphics for the trailer and boat, and Dave Ingram allowed the chapter to use his paint booth.

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