"2014 National Concrete Canoe Competition"
University of Pittsburgh Johnstown
June 19-21, 2014

Twenty three teams faced off on the Quemahoning Reservoir. Photo courtesy of Cam-Ron Video Productions. 

Nevada Reno's "Wolf Pack" Victorious in Hunt

Nevada Reno (statistics) won their second national title in Johnstown (above) with "Alluvium" (below).

Nevada Reno is one of ten schools to win the national title. By wining the competition for the second time, they became the sixth school to hold multiple titles [Alabama-Huntsville's Team UAH has five, Cal-Berkeley's Bears have five, Cal Poly SLO's team has three, Clemson's 3CT have three, and Wisconsin-Madison's Badgers have five].

2014 NCCC Coverage

The 2014 National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC) was hosted by Pitt-Johnstown.and held in Johnstown, PA. Johnstown is a city in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, 41 miles (66 km) west-southwest of Altoona, Pennsylvania and 70 miles (110 km) east of Pittsburgh.

Cal Poly - SLO finished second followed by the Universite Laval in third.

Cal Poly SLO (statistics) with "Ambrosia" (above) and Laval (statistics) with "Maximus" (below).

Utah State finished fourth with Wisconsin - Madison in fifth.

Utah State (statistics) with "Promontory" (above) and the University of Wisconsin - Madison (statistics) with "Laurentide" (below).

Cam-Ron Video Productions aired the competition on Kaleidoscope in an excellent 9+ minute segment which included interviews with Brian Houston (UPJ Faculty Advisor), John Frantz (UPJ Team Member), and Randy Over (2014 ASCE President). 

Adrienne Tubo and Ashlee McMullen (Univ. of Pittsburgh Johnstown) say "Kaleidoscope floats our boat" (above).
From left to right: Brian Houston, John Frantz, and Randy Over (below).

Kaleidoscope Episode 19 - Concrete Canoe
(see 8:48 - 18:11)

2014 marked the 27th anniversary of the NCCC. Last year, Ecole de Technologie Superieure (ETS) won the event.

ETS was the defending champion. Team photo by Photo Voltaic.

The first place overall winner in each of 18 Conferences was invited to compete in the 2014 National Concrete Canoe Competition. In addition, if the first place Conference winner finished in the top five overall in the 2013 National Competition, the second place team was also invited to compete. According to ASCE, this "top five" rule allowed Tongji University (from Shanghai, China), the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, Cal-Poly Pomona, and New Mexico State University to attend. The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown qualified as the national host school bringing the number of contestants to 23.

The one newcomer in 2014, Tongji University, brought the number of schools that qualified for nationals to 115. Updated point totals, spreadsheets, and statistics for this and all other national competitions can be found in "For the Record." Links to the competitors can be found in "Concrete Canoe Websites."

You can download a copy (PDF) of a commemorative poster prepared by UP Johnstown's faculty advisor, Brian Houston, by clicking the hyperlink to the photo below.

Commentary and top picks were established prior to the event. A follow-up was added after the dust settled.

Top Picks - Front Line; Follow Up - Commentary

John Gilbert covered the event for ConcreteCanoe.org

Design reports (25% of score) were evaluated prior to the competition. Drexel University won this category.

Drexel with "Drage" (above) took advantage of a photo opportunity by lifting the tarp protecting their display from the pouring rain (below).

The final products (25% of score) were judged on Thursday, June 19th on UPJ's Campus Mall. Utah State University won this category.

The final product judging took place on UPJ's Campus Mall (above). Utah State won with "Promontory" (below).

The event included performing a swamp test and a canoe weigh-in.

Cal Poly - Pomona pumps water from "Gidget" (above) while Tongji weighs "Operace" (below).

Puerto Rico submerges "Galeon" (above) while Florida weighs "Accelegator" (below).

Oral presentations (25% of score) were delivered on Friday, June 20th in the Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center (PPAC). The PPAC is a 42,000-square-foot multipurpose facility located on the Johnstown campus. It contains a 1,000-seat concert hall, a 200-seat black box theater, and supporting administrative spaces. Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo won this category (synopsis).

The presentations took place in UPJ's Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center (PPAC) (Floor Plan).

Races (25% of score) were held Saturday, June 21st on the Quemahoning Reservoir at the Family Recreation Area. Nevada Reno scored the most points in the water.

Races were held on the Quemahoning Reservoir at the Family Recreation Area (weather.com).

Two members of the Wolf Pack (Nevada Reno) stroke to get "Alluvium" up to hull speed in the 200 m sprint race (above); Laval's co-ed team successfully negotiates the turn buoy in the 400 m co-ed race (below). Photos by Ed Rieker/AP Images.

The Badgers (Wisconsin-Madison) maintained their tradition of always wearing red bandanas while paddling (above); 3CT's (Clemson) women's team sets up for the turn buoy in the 200 m sprint race, dressed in one of the school's primary colors (below). Photos by Ed Rieker/AP Images.

The University of Akron demonstrated their air cannon (above) while the scoreboard was readied (below).

The Awards Banquet for the 27th Annual ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition was held on Saturday, June 21st at the Wellness Center located on the main campus. The Wolf Pack claimed victory there.

The Awards Banquet was held in UPJ's Wellness Center.

"2014 Vital Statistics"

Photos of the final product and display, as well as a synopsis of the presentation made by each contestant, can be accessed via the links below.

1. University of Nevada - Reno (75.9 points) - "Alluvium" (2nd place in paper, 2nd place in presentation, 8th place in product, 1st place in races)
2. California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo (73.3 points) - "Ambrosia" (6th place in paper, 1st place in presentation, 2nd place in product, 6th place in races)
3. Universite Laval (63.7 points) - "Maximus"
(5th place in paper, 7th place in presentation, 3rd place in product, 2nd place in races)
4. Utah State University (61.5 points) - "Promontory"
(3rd place in paper, 5th place in presentation, 1st place in product, 12th place in races)
5. University of Wisconsin - Madison (50.5 points) - "Laurentide"
(12th place in paper, 3rd place in presentation, 6th place in product, 3rd place in races)

6. California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
(37.1 points) - "Gidget" (4th place in paper, 6th place in presentation, 15th place in product, 8th place in races)
Clemson University (34.9 points) - "The Game Day Experience" (13th place in paper, 14th place in presentation, 4th place in product, 4th place in races)
Michigan Technological University (30.1 points) - "Katsuo Maru" (10th place in paper, 4th place in presentation, 14th place in product, 7th place in races)
University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez (28.9 points)  - "Galeon" (9th place in paper, 8th place in presentation, 5th place in product, 13th place in races)
10. Drexel University
(27.5 points) - "Drage" (1st place in paper, 22nd place in presentation, 10th place in product, 17th place in races)
11. University of Akron
(19.9 points) - "Cassin" (8th place in paper, 16th place in presentation, 7th place in product, 10th place in races)
12. University of Florida (13.4 points) - "Accelegator"
(16th place in paper, 11th place in presentation, 11th place in product, 5th place in races)
13. New Mexico State University (12.3 points) - "Protogenoi"
(17th place in paper, 10th place in presentation, 9th place in product, 9th place in races)
14. Tongji University (10.0 points) - "Operace"
(7th place in paper, 15th place in presentation, 17th place in product, 17th place in races)
University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown (6.4 points) - "Essayons" (19th place in paper, 9th place in presentation, 23rd place in product, 13th place in races)
University of Wisconsin - Platteville (2.2 points) - "Crossroad" (21st place in paper, 17th place in presentation, 18th place in product, 11th place in races)
Louisiana Technological University (1.0 points) - "Dawg's Day" (20h place in paper, 21st place in presentation, 13th place in product, 15th place in races)
University of Washington (0.9 points) - "The Lady" (11th place in paper, 12th place in presentation, 20th place in product, 16th place in races)
Fairmont State University (0.0 points) - "Gray Ghost" (18th place in paper, 13th place in presentation, 12th place in product, 17th place in races)
20. University of Kansas (0.0 points) - "Ad Astra"
(15th place in paper, 19th place in presentation, 16th place in product, 17th place in races)
21. Cornel University (0.0 points) - "Ursa Major"
(14th place in paper, 20th place in presentation, 22nd place in product, 17th place in races)
22. Texas A&M University
(0.0 points) - "Horton" (22nd place in paper, 18th place in presentation, 22nd place in product, 17th place in races)
23. City College of New York
(0.0 points) - "Goethals" (23rd place in paper, 23rd place in presentation, 21st place in product, 17th place in races)

  • Best Overall (75.9/100 points) - University of Nevada - Reno

  • Most Design Points (60.0/75 points) - California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo; Utah State University

  • Most Race Points (23.4/25 points) - University of Nevada - Reno
    Best Design Paper
    (25.0/25 points) - Drexel University

  • Best Oral Presentation (25.0/25 points) - California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo 

  • Best Product (25.0/25 points) - Utah State University

In addition, the University of Wisconsin-Madison won the Innovation Award; the University of Kansas won the Spirit of the Competition Award; and, the University of Florida won the R.J. Craig Award for placing first in the co-ed sprint race.

A collection of low resolution photographs can be found in the following PDF:

2014 NCCC Boats and Displays

2014 NCCC Speadsheet

2014 NCCC - Who's Who in the Competition

The field was set at 23 for the 2014 NCCC.  There was one newcomer.
Qualifiers made 183 collective prior appearances with an average placement of 10.66.
The 5 US and 1 Canadian champions in the hunt collectively held 13 national titles.

Clemson set a new record in 2014 for the most national appearances at twenty one. They have the honor and privilege of hosting next year.

Clemson's 3CT (above) holds 3 national titles. In the past, we  recognized them for introducing the paddler lift bar (below).

Pre-National Photos

For complete U.S. National Statistics see: "For the Record." 

Regarding the National Host

 This was one of the most enjoyable and best hosted competitions in the history of the NCCC. Our hats go off to Brian Houston and his staff for doing such a magnificent job.

UPJ Poster and Invitation

Founded in 1927, the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is the first and largest regional campus of the Univ. of Pittsburgh.

UPJ fielded "Essayons." Their theme was based on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Johnstown's theme came into play during the competition when the flotation tank began to bulge.

 UPJ's faculty advisor, Brian Houston, directs his staff and students while making makeshift repairs to the flotation tank... possibly avoiding another Johnstown flood.

Pitt-Johnstown appeared on Kaleidoscope. So please tune in to learn more about our national host and the concrete canoe competition. See Episode 11 entitled, "Team Work."

Episode 11 - Kaleidoscope

2014 NCCC Website Links

University of Pittsburg - Johnstown Student Chapter

2014 ASCE Official NCCC Website (history, rules and regulations, conference competitions, qualifying teams)

2014 ASCE Face Book Page

2014 Request for Feedback

The Committee on National Concrete Canoe Competitions (CNCCC) would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the teams that have participated at their respective conference competitions in the 2014 ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC). They are looking forward to an exciting national competition being hosted by the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown in June and have extended an invitation to submit feedback as follows:

"Each year, the CNCCC develops rules and regulations following the completion of the National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC), many times using the feedback provided by students, advisors, and judges. As such, we would like to solicit your feedback regarding the rules and the competition (such as need for clarifications, suggestions for changes in language, etc.) or other general comments you wish to provide. Maybe there is a rule you want to bring back, or a rule you just absolutely hate and wish it would just go away. Perhaps you think the rules are too long and complex or you might appreciate the level of detail. Whatever it is, the CNCCC will take it under consideration, but we make no guarantees!

The goal of using the feedback is to make the rules clearer and maintaining fairness and consistency; this should not be considered a forum to register complaints. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is welcomed!!! We ask that if your school wishes to provide comments that your team consolidate them and send one e-mail rather than several e-mails from the same school. If you wish, you may make a Word document and attach it to the e-mail.

Please forward your comments to cnccc@asce.org with "Concrete Canoe Feedback" in the subject line."

2015 National Concrete Canoe Competition

The 2015 NCCC will be held June 20-22, 2015 in Clemson, South Carolina. Clemson will host the event.