"University of Wisconsin - Platteville (Platteville)"

(16th overall, 21st in paper, 17th in presentation, 18th in product, 11th in races)


Canoe Name: Crossroad; Canoe Weight: 165 lb; Canoe Length: 19' 3"


The University of Wisconsin - Platteville represented the Mid-West Conference and made their ninth national appearance.

Platteville relied on 4 people to make their presentation; 2 men and 2 women. The presenters were dressed business casual. The team used 1 screen and relied on Prezi for their delivery.

The team based their theme on Panama wild. They began their presentation with a team introduction. After elaborating on their theme, the team outlined their presentation.

The team began their technical delivery by covering project management. They outlined the tasks and milestones to be achieved.

Then, it was on to hull design. The team mentioned the changes that they made and how these led to better performance.

Structural analysis came next. The team explained the method that they employed to obtain their concrete specifications and then went on to mix design.

The team described how they performed the latter. They specified the results obtained from their test program.

After explaining how they used a portion of an old mold to train their new team members regarding construction, the team elaborated on the methods that inspectors used for quality control.

Then, the team explained how they constructed their mold and canoe. They touched on the curing process and discussed how they finished the canoe's surface. After thanking the audience, the team brought their presentation to a conclusion.

Questions and Comments:

  • How did you predict the 28 day strength based on your 7 day test program?
  • Is it challenging to increase the compressive strength while decreasing weight?
  • Is it more sustainable to make a structure that does not last very long as opposed to one that survives for a long time?
  • How do the bow and stern square stems of your canoe improve its hydrodynamic performance?
  • How will this project benefit you in your working career?
  • What is the purpose of your bulkhead?
  • Is it something encased in concrete or simply a wall?
  • What is efficient in your process and how do you conclude this?
  • Do you have any recommendations for next year's team?
  • Can you provide us with details?
  • You used a latex modifier. Is slump a good measure of the quality of concrete?
  • Did you have any issues with air in your latex modified concrete?
  • You had to chip out some of your concrete. How could you avoid this in the future?


The presentation went smoothly but some of the questions were difficult to answer.


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