"University of Washington (UW)"

(18th overall, 11th in paper, 12th in presentation, 20th in product, 16th in races)


Canoe Name: The Lady; Canoe Weight: 310 lb; Canoe Length: 21' 6"


The University of Washington represented the Pacific Northwest Conference and made their eleventh national appearance.

Washington relied on 3 people to make their presentation; 2 men and 1 woman. The presenters were dressed business casual. The team used 1 screen; there were 2 animations.

The team based their theme on Lady Washington Ship. They began their presentation with a team introduction. They outlined their presentation and described the rationale behind their theme.

The team stated their goals and elaborated on their project schedule. Then, it was on to mix design.

The team discussed why they selected different mixes for different layers. Then, they described their testing procedures before giving the results.

After mentioning that they successfully met their design criteria, the team described how they went about mold and canoe construction.

After discussing aesthetics and the finishing process, the team thanked the audience and opened the floor for questions.

Questions and Comments:

  • What is metakaolin?
  • Why did you grade this material?
  • Describe the other unique constituents incorporated into your mix design?
  • What design parameters did the structural design team have to meet?
  • How did you manage the fifty volunteers that helped you construct your canoe?
  • Was there any lack of communication between them?
  • Did you place heavier paddlers in the stern during the conference competition?
  • How did your team make sure that your display and cross section followed the rules?
  • Do you think that you should document your findings relative to hull design for future teams?
  • What criteria motivated you to move from an 18 mm to a 15 mm wall thickness?


The presentation went fairly well but some of the questions were difficult to answer.


Vital Statistics

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