"Tongji University (TJU)"

(14th overall, 7th in paper, 15th in presentation, 17th in product, 17th in races)


Canoe Name: Operace; Canoe Weight: 286 lb; Canoe Length: 20' 4"


Tongji University represented the Mid-Pacific Conference and made their debut at the national level.

Tongji relied on 2 people to make their presentation; 1 man and 1 woman. The presenters were dressed in formal attire. The team used 1 screen; there were 5 animations.

The team based their theme on the Chinese Peking Opera. They began their presentation with a team introduction. Then, they discussed the challenges with shipping and the hours spent in building the canoe.

The team discussed their management scenario and then went on to hull design. They discussed the tradeoffs between stability and speed.

After specifying the load cases considered, the team described how they reinforced their canoe and selected concrete constituents to meet their goals. Then, it was on to construction.

The team discussed their hybrid mold design involving a male and partial female mold. They showed a graphic to illustrate this and then discussed the materials that they used.

The team described the finishing process and mentioned that they had used an optical method identify anomalies.  Then, they brought the presentation to a strong conclusion.

Questions and Comments:

  • How did you arrive at the mix proportions for your cementitious materials?
  • Why is white Portland cement white?
  • Why did you not choose to use vermiculite?
  • How well did you achieve your goal to shift the center of gravity by using two different mixes?
  • Would improvement in construction practices do more than changing the mix density?
  • Why did you choose an admixture to resist frost?
  • Can you explain how the length of the bow and stern sections affect performance?
  • How did you calculate an increase in straight line speed?
  • Do you have any numbers to verify this?
  • How did the difference in paddler weight influence the structural performance?
  • How would changes in position affect your stress analysis?


Overall the presentation went well considering the requirement that it be given in English. However, some of the questions were difficult to answer.


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