"Texas A&M University (Texas A&M)"

(22nd overall, 22nd in paper, 18th in presentation, 22nd in product, 17th in races)


Canoe Name: Horton; Canoe Weight: 320 lb; Canoe Length: 19' 10"


A&M relied on 4 people to make their presentation; 1 man and 3 women. The presenters were dressed business casual. The team used 1 screen; there were no animations.

The team based their theme on "Oh, the places you’ll row." They began their presentation with a team introduction and an outline of their goals.

The team described their hull design and the changes that they made. They elaborated on the use of their reinforcement including an outline of its structural properties.

The team described their pump method which eliminated segregation and the use of fibers to increase tensile strength. Then, it was off to mold and canoe construction.

The team described in detail how the pumping process was accomplished. Then, they mentioned how they transferred technology to their new members.

After discussing quality control and the finishing process, the team brought their presentation to conclusion.

Questions and Comments:

  • How did you calculate the degree to which the reinforcement in the gunwale added to strength?
  • Is this in cracked or crack-free concrete?
  • What safety precautions did you take with regard to safety during the pumping process?
  • How did you overcome the initial difficulties that you encountered with the pumping process?
  • How did your viscosity modifying admixture help during the pumping process?
  • Did your hull receive damage following the regional competition?
  • Why didn't you file a reconstruction request?
  • How do you think that the crack will affect your performance tomorrow?
  • How did you determine your critical path?
  • What was your biggest improvement in the construction process compared to previous years?
  • You looked at workability and fiber content. Can you elaborate?


Overall the presentation went well but the questions were difficult to answer.


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