"New Mexico State University (Aggies)"

(13th overall, 17th in paper, 10th in presentation, 9th in product, 9th in races)


Canoe Name: Protogenoi; Canoe Weight: 343 lb; Canoe Length: 20' 4"


NMSU relied on 3 people to make their presentation; 1 man and 2 women. The presenters were dressed business casual. The team used 1 screen; there were no animations.

The team based their theme on Greek mythology and took a risk by giving their presentation in prose. They began with a team introduction and a brief explanation regarding their entry.

After elaborating on their theme, the team outlined their project schedule and critical tasks. Then, they discussed the mix design process and the construction of their canoe.

The team elaborated on the curing process and the tasks associated with creating and testing compressive cylinders. Then, they mentioned how unique their hull was and explained some of its structural attributes.

The team also discussed the unique tools that they designed and employed, and mentioned the amount of time spent on the project. After mentioning sustainability and information transfer, the team brought their presentation to conclusion.

Questions and Comments:

  • Your compressive strength was measured at 2089 psi. Is this too many significant figures?
  • Did you use the ASTM standards to report this strength?
  • Why does your asymmetrical hull increase speed?
  • Did you do an analysis to back up this claim?
  • Did you do anything during your construction to reduce the environmental footprint?
  • Are there any changes that you would make now to improve your hull design relative to the introduction of your wave breaker?
  • In retrospect, are there some steps during construction that you would eliminate or modify in the future?
  • Do you have any suggestions for next year's team on how you could eliminate cracking on the gunwale?
  • Did you have any concerns while using an excessive dosage of water reducer?
  • Did you do any tests to see if there were any problems with your concrete as a result of this?


This was a very different type of delivery. Personally, I was caught off-guard with the verbiage and didn't really understand what was going on (i.e., the team's use of prose as opposed to the presentation's content) until about half way through the delivery. Some of the questions were difficult to address.


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