"Universite Laval (Laval)"

(3rd overall, 5th place in paper, 7th place in presentation, 3rd place in product, 2nd place in races)


Canoe Name: Maximus; Canoe Weight: 110 lb; Canoe Length: 20'


Universite Laval  represented the New England Conference and made their eleventh national appearance.

Laval relied on 3 people to make their presentation; 2 men and 1 woman. The presenters were dressed in formal attire. The team used 1 screen; there was 1 animation.

The team based their theme on the circus. They began their presentation by having their ringmaster introduce the big show.

The team described how they relied on their management scenario to optimize their design. Then, they explained the modifications they made to their hull design and how they analyzed their canoe from a structural standpoint.

The team mentioned the failure modes they considered and outlined the critical parameters that needed to be met in order to prevent them. Then, they described their development and testing program.

The team mentioned how they relied on two different mixes to reduce the weight of their canoe and provided details regarding how their concrete composite was tested. They mentioned that they developed 30 different mixes before optimizing their design. Then, it was on to mold and canoe construction.

After providing details of how their boat was built and finished, the team explained how they practiced paddling in preparation for the competition. After outlining the attributes of their boat, the team brought their presentation to an end with a very dynamic exit.

Questions and Comments:

  • What is strain hardening?
  • Did you find it difficult while working with both US and MKS systems?
  • You strove to match the elastic modulus of your two concrete mixes. What was your design tolerance for the differences in this parameter?
  • The atmosphere in one of your photos looks hazy. Why?
  • Did you take any precautions to promote safety during the process in question?
  • Why did you specify the weight of your paddlers at 400 lb?
  • How do the ribs that you incorporated into your design influence cracking?
  • What topics did you discuss in the group meetings held prior to each work day?


The team did a fantastic job executing their delivery and I loved the slide transitions in which a set of curtains opened prior to moving on to different topics. However, the presenters seemed a bit hesitant while answering the unique and relatively difficult set of questions posed to them by the judges. Some of this may have been due to miscommunication created by a language barrier, since French is the native language in Quebec.


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