"Fairmont State University (Fairmont)"

(19th overall, 18th in paper, 13th in presentation, 12th in product, 17th in races)


Canoe Name: Gray Ghost; Canoe Weight: 217 lb; Canoe Length: 19' 6"


Fairmont State University represented the Virginias Conference and made their eleventh national appearance.

FSU relied on 3 people to make their presentation; 1 man and 2 women. The presenters were dressed business casual. The team used 1 screen and relied on Prezi for their delivery.

The team based their theme on the American Civil War. They began their presentation with a team introduction and briefly introduced their theme.

The team began their technical presentation by outlining their command structure. Then, it was on to hull design where they explained that stability was a major concern.

The team explained how they analyzed their hull and pinpointed the maximum stresses found under load. Then, they proceeded to discuss mix design.

After the team explained how they performed this procedure, they outlined how they reinforced their canoe. Then, it was on to construction.

The team discussed quality assurance and control. Then, they described how they finished their boat and employed sustainable materials.

After describing the salient features and attributes of their final product, the team brought their presentation to conclusion by saying that they were ready for battle. 

Questions and Comments:

  • You added an extra 0.25" thick layer of concrete. Why did you employ a relatively fine sandpaper (220 grit) while finishing the surface?
  • Why did you model your paddlers using a distributed load as opposed to concentrated ones?
  • Which of these cases is more conservative?
  • You have competed in this competition many times before. How do you use the knowledge gained to train your new teams?
  • What grade of slag did you use?
  • From the point of view of risk management, how does your excessive use of admixtures play out?
  • What type of fiber mat did you employ?
  • Can you explain the calipers that you used?
  • How well did they work?
  • You used quite a bit of funding to clean up your lab. Was it dirty and did it meet OSHA standards?
  • Do you plan to make modifications in you calibers next year?
  • Can you elaborate on some innovative and/or ingenious things that you did this year?


The presentation went fairly well and the team related their theme well to the design and construction process, but some of the questions were difficult to answer.


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