"Drexel University (Drexel)"

(10th overall, 1st in paper, 22nd in presentation, 10th in product, 17th in races)


Canoe Name: Drage; Canoe Weight: 342 lb; Canoe Length: 19' 10"


Drexel University represented the Mid-Atlantic Conference and made their twelfth national appearance.

Drexel relied on 2 men to make their presentation. The presenters were dressed in formal attire. The team used 1 screen; there were 2 animations.

The team based their theme on an amusement park. They began their presentation with a team introduction and then described the make-up of their team.

The team elaborated on their past performances and introduced the shotcrete process. Then, they elaborated on the changes that they made to improve it.

The team described the major changes made in hull design and the attributes that they kept. Then, they moved on to concrete mix design,

The team described the process that they took in moving from a baseline to the final mix that met their new specifications. After providing a detailed description of the aggregates that they employed, they described their concrete composite.

The team described how they embarked on a probability based design to perform their structural analysis. They gave their probability index and mentioned that this parameter fell within their design envelope.

After mentioning how they recycled their mold, the team explained how they constructed their entry. They mentioned that they employed a segmented mold and outlined the process by which concrete was cast into it.

The team described the innovative features of the project and explained how they influenced man hours and cost. After mentioning how well they had accomplished their goals, the team brought their presentation to a strong conclusion.  

Questions and Comments:

  • You indicated that the absorption of cork is zero. Can you elaborate on this?
  • How dimensionally stable is cork when immersed in a fluid?
  • Can you elaborate on the beta factor associated with the calculation of your safety factor?
  • What are the implications of having a safety factor that is very high?
  • Can you elaborate on the conditions required for your canoe to reach its maximum hull speed?
  • Your team has a hefty budget. What would you do if was cut by one third?
  • What did you mean by trimming the gunwales to the desired height?
  • How did you do that?


Overall, the team enunciated nicely and took their time with the delivery. I recall them answering the questions well.

It's surprising that the team finished 22nd in this category. Perhaps they exceeded the time limit.


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