"Cornell University (Cornell)"

(21st overall, 14th in paper, 20th in presentation, 22nd in product, 17th in races)


Canoe Name: Ursa Major; Canoe Weight: 280 lb; Canoe Length: 19'


Cornell University represented the Upstate New York Conference and made their third national appearance.

Cornell relied on 2 people to make their presentation; 1 man and 1 woman. The presenters were dressed in formal attire. The team used 1 screen and relied on Prezi to make their delivery.

The team based their theme on the Ursa Major constellation. They began their presentation with a team introduction. Then, they outlined their main goals while emphasizing that their overall objective was to win the competition.

The team described their organizational structure and outlined their project schedule. After discussing aesthetics relative to their theme, the team moved on to structural analysis. They elaborated on the loading cases that they considered and mentioned that they found that the maximum stress in their canoe occurred during the four person co-ed race.

The team explained how they built an inner and outer mold. They mentioned how they segmented the molds to facilitate form removal.

Concrete mix design came next. The team discussed the constituents they added and how each one helped to make improvements over last year. Then, it was on to construction.

The team outlined the latter and described how they cured their entry. After discussing how they finished the canoe's surface and added graphics, the team brought their presentation to conclusion.

Questions and Comments:

  • Can you elaborate on how you solved problems that you encountered with regard to form removal?
  • How did you ensure that your form could be removed successfully?
  • What steps did you take to avoid cracks due to concrete shrinkage?
  • What was the most important thing that you learned this year?
  • How did you ensure that you would meet your goals on time?
  • How did you go about planning your schedule?
  • What criteria did you use to gage your structural analysis?
  • How did you know how much shrinkage would occur during hydration?


The presentation went fairly well considering that Cornell was the first team off the blocks but some of the questions were difficult to answer. It was also very difficult to hear what questions the judges asked, since they were not using the microphone provided. Fortunately, the host school recognized this and corrected the problem. Good job Johnstown!


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