"2011 National Concrete Canoe Competition"
June 16-18, 2011
Evansville, Indiana

Cal Poly - SLO team members pull hard during the women's endurance race in Evansville.  Photo courtesy of ASCE.

Cal Poly - SLO Defends National Title

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo successfully defended their national title making them the fifth school (out of nine past national winners) to secure multiple titles [Alabama-Huntsville's Team UAH has five, Cal-Berkeley's Bears have five, Clemson's 3CT have three, and Wisconsin-Madison's Badgers have five].

The film crew from the Big Ten TV Network was busy shooting throughout the competition.  See Concrete Canoe Pictures.

SLO fought hard to stay on top and earned considerable points after their entry called "Cetacea" won best product. 

 "Cetacea" (left) won best product and helped SLO finish second overall in the races at Audubon State Park (right).

A table top display (left) and cutaway cross section (right) were judged as part of the product category.

SLO earned 86.5 points out of a possible 100 and won the competition by a 10.6 point margin.  See For the Record and Competition Results

2011 NCCC Coverage

Teams and photographer (upper right) get ready to take the official group photo for the 2011 NCCC.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Badger's finished second followed by Canadian National Champion Laval in third.  California State Polytechnic University,  Pomona finished an impressive fourth with the University of Nevada - Reno Wolf Pack in fifth.

Top Picks - The Front Line - Commentary
Follow Up

Wisconsin-Madison (left) and Laval (right) prepare for battle on the pond.

Cal Poly - Pomona (left) and Nevada - Reno (right) fought hard to earn a top five spot.

The Badgers (UW-Madison) prepare to submerge "Element" (left); Evansville prepares for the weigh-in (right).

UW-Madison's "Element" placed second in the product category while Laval's "Voltage" took third (right).

The entries from The University of Akron and Michigan Tech placed fourth and fifth, respectively, in the product category.

Laval swept the races with "Voltage."

Concretecanoe.org's 2011 Award for Dedication went to the University of Illinois - Urbana, Champaign (UIUC) who started it all in 1971.
"The Cementery" (above left) is the 40th canoe built at their "Boneyard Yacht Club."  
Our Award for Outstanding Achievement went to Laval for sweeping the races with "Voltage." (above right).
Award for Innovation went to the University of Akron for their improvised drums made of cans and buckets (below).

Photo by Bob Gwaltney.

2011 marked the 24th anniversary of the national concrete canoe competition. Historically, the first place overall winner in each of 18 Conferences was invited to compete in the 2011 National Concrete Canoe Competition. In addition, if the first place Conference winner finished in the top five overall in the 2010 National Competition (Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, the University of Nevada, Reno, Ecole de Technologie Superieur, Michigan Tech, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison), the second place team was also invited to compete at nationals.  All five schools won their conferences allowing their second place finishers to attend.

The two newcomers in 2011 brought the number of schools that have participated at the national level to 112.
Updated point totals, spreadsheets, and statistics for the 2011 NCCC and all other national competitions can be found in "For the Record."
Links to the competitors can be found in "Concrete Canoe Websites"

John Gilbert covered the event for ConcreteCanoe.org.

Design reports (25% of score) were evaluated prior to the competition.  Nevada-Reno won this event.

The final products (25% of score) were judged on Thursday, June 16 on the Sesquicentennial Oval of the UE Campus.  The canoes were photographed with as little clutter (participants, spectators, etc.) as possible to show exactly what each school had to offer.  Cal Poly - SLO won this event.

The Sesquicentennial Oval is the focal point of the UE Campus.

Oral presentations (25% of score) were delivered on Friday, June 17 in the Shanklin Theatre.  We attended of them and documented every question posed to the teams by the judges.  California State Polytechnic University,  Pomona  won this event.

Presentations will be held in the Shanklin Theatre located in Hyde Hall of the UE campus. 

A description of the oral presentations as we;; as photos of all canoes, cross sections and displays are included here:

2011 NCCC Products, Displays, Cutaway Sections, and Presentations

Races (25% of score) were held June 18th at Audubon State Park (see below).  Laval swept the races and scored the most race points.

The banquet was held in the Centre in downtown Evansville.

Details for all schools are included along with photos and the salient features of their products here::

"2011 Vital Statistics - Presentations and Boats"

California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo (1st place overall, 4th place in paper, 2nd place in presentation, 1st place in product, 2nd in races)
University of Wisconsin-Madison (2nd place overall, 3rd place in paper, 4th place in presentation, 2nd place in product, 4th in races)
Universite Laval (3rd place overall, 17th place in paper, 5th place in presentation, 3rd place in product , 1st in races)
California State Polytechnic University-Pomona (4th place overall, 6th place in paper, 1st place in presentation, 8th place in product, 6th in races)
University of Nevada, Reno (5th place overall, 1st place in paper, 7th place in presentation, 7th place in product, 7th in races)
Michigan Tech University (6th place overall, 3rd place in paper, 7th place in presentation, 7th place in product, 5th in races)
University of California - Berkeley (7th place overall, 2nd place in paper, 3rd place in presentation, 11th place in product, 8th place in races)
Ecole de Technologie Superieure (8th place overall, 13th place in paper, 9th place in presentation, 6th place in product, 9th place in races)
Florida Institute of Technology (9th place overall, 14th place in paper, 13th place in presentation, 10th place in product, 3rd place in races)
University of Akron (10th place overall, 16th place in paper, 12th place in presentation, 4th place in product, 12th place in races)
Clemson University (11th place overall, 7th place in paper, 17th place in presentation, 20th place in product, 10th place in races) 
University of Oklahoma (12th place overall, 18th place in paper, 6th place in presentation, 17th place in product, 13th place in races)
Fairmont State University (13th place overall, 10th place in paper, 11th place in presentation, 9th place in product, 13th place in races)
University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign (14th place overall, 8th place in paper, 15th place in presentation, 22nd place in product, 13th place in races)
University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown (15th place overall, 9th place in paper, 14th place in presentation, 15th place in product, 11th in races)
Utah State University (16th place overall, 23rd place in paper, 10th place in presentation, 13th place in product, 13th place in races)
Louisiana Tech University (17th place overall, 12th place in paper, 22nd place in presentation, 12th place in product, 13th place in races)
Minnesota State University Mankato (18th place overall, 11th place in paper, 21st place in presentation, 14th place in product, 13th place in races)
University at Buffalo (19th place overall, 20th place in paper, 19th place in presentation, 16th place in product, 13th place in races)
University of Evansville (20th place overall, 15th place in paper, 18th place in presentation, 18th place in product, 13th place in races)
University of Texas - Austin (21st place overall, 19th place in paper, 16th place in presentation, 23rd place in product, 13th place in races)
Washington State University (22nd place overall, 21st place in paper, 23rd place in presentation, 19th place in product, 13th place in races)
Ohio Northern University (23rd place overall, 22nd place in paper, 20th place in presentation, 21st place in product, 13th place in races)

2011 NCCC Race Site

Races were held on Saturday, June 18 at Audubon State ParkThe races were delayed by inclement weather but the skies cleared around noon.  There was no time for the final sprints and the endurance course had to be modified... but all five races were held.

2011 NCCC - Who's Who in the Competition

The field was set at 23 for the 2011 NCCC.  There were two newcomers.
Qualifiers made 157 collective prior appearances with an average placement slightly above 10.
The 6 US and 2 Canadian champions in the hunt collectively held 29 national titles.

Pre-National Photos

For complete U.S. National Statistics see: "For the Record." 

The field is set at 23 with 6 past U.S. and 2 Canadian national champions.

2011 NCCC Website Links

"All that they're cracked up to be" 

University of Evansville - ASCE Student Chapter and 2011 NCCC Information Website (venues, job fair, contact information)

2011 ASCE Official NCCC Website (history, rules and regulations, conference competitions, qualifying teams)

2011 CNCCC Requests Feedback

"The Committee on National Concrete Canoe Competitions (CNCCC) would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the teams that have participated at their respective conference competitions over the past several weeks and those that will compete in the next few weeks.  We are looking forward to an exciting national competition being hosted by the University of Evansville in June.

 Each year, the CNCCC develops rules and regulations following the completion of the National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC), many times using the feedback provided by students, advisors, and judges. As such, we would like to solicit your feedback regarding the rules and the competition (such as need for clarifications, suggestions for changes in language, etc.) or other general comments you wish to provide.  Maybe there is a rule you want to bring back, or a rule you just absolutely hate and wish it would just go away.  Perhaps you think the rules are too long and complex or you might appreciate the level of detail. Whatever it is, the CNCCC will take it under consideration, but we make no guarantees!

The goal of using the feedback is to make the rules clearer and maintaining fairness and consistency; this should not be considered a forum to register complaints.  CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is welcomed!!! We ask that if your school wished to provide comments that your team consolidate them and send one e-mail rather than several e-mails from the same school.  If you wish, you may make a Word document and attach it to the e-mail.

 Please forward your comments to cnccc@asce.org with "Concrete Canoe Feedback" in the subject line."

2012 National Concrete Canoe Competition

The 25th Annual 2012 National Concrete Canoe Competition will be held in Reno, Nevada on June 14-16, 2012.  The University of Nevada, Reno will be the host school.