"California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo"
(1st place overall, 4th place in paper, 2nd place in presentation, 1st place in product, 2nd in races)


California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo represented the Pacific Southwest Conference and made their twelfth national appearance.

SLO relied on 4 people to make their presentation; 2 men and 2 women.  The presenters were dressed business casual.  The team used 1 screen and included 3 videos.

The team began with a clear vision of their objectives and an explanation of their project management.  They explained how they performed a finite element analysis on their entry and described how they designed their reinforcement scheme to thwart the imposed stress.  Then they specified the requirements for their design.

The team mentioned that they employed crushed porcelain from toilets to meet the sustainability requirements.  They described the methods used for mix design and testing before elaborating on form and canoe construction.  They detailed these processes before making some closing remarks and bringing their presentation to a very strong conclusion.

Questions and Comments:

  • Why did you incorporate air entrainment into your mix?
  • Why did you use a post tensioning as opposed to a pre-tensioning system?
  • Did you do anything to account for friction losses in your analysis?
  • Did you try any other materials to meet the sustainability requirements?
  • How did you test for water absorption?
  • What types of reinforcement did you use?
  • Did you encounter any conformability issues?
  • Did you encounter any delays on your critical path?
  • How did you handle them?
  • How long did you spend sanding?
  • Why was your air content so high?

 Overall this was a very strong delivery and the team fielded the questions very well.


Canoe Name/Weight: "Cetacea"/208 lb

Display and Cross Section:


Vital Statistics

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