"2010 National Concrete Canoe Competition"
June 17-19, 2010
San Luis Obispo, California

From coast to coast, people learned that Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo put on the best show in town.  Center photo (Times Square, New York) courtesy of PR Newswire.

2010 Host School (Cal Poly - SLO) Wins National Title

Cal Poly - SLO is the ninth school to win the ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition and is the first university to both host and win the event.  SLO won the majority of the events and placed a close second to Reno in the design report category, Laval in the women's sprint, and ETS in the women's slalom/endurance race.  Poly scored 96.5 points out of a possible 100 making this the most formidable win since Team UAH swept the competition in 1994.  See For the Record and Competition Results

Cal Poly dominated the men's endurance race under windy conditions.  They scored the most race points and won the oral presentation.
Photo by Phil Klein courtesy of ASCE.

The 2010 NCCC champion's support team struck a gong (left) as their co-ed team (right) paddled to victory. 

At the banquet, Cal Poly's ASCE Chapter was presented with the Robert Ridgway Award given to the "single most outstanding student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers."  Also, by winning the Pacific-Southwest Conference, SLO became the first school to qualify for next year's competition in Evansville, IN.  Way to go SLO!

Cal Poly-SLO's "Amazona" was selected as best product.

A table top display (left) and cutaway cross section (right) were judged as part of this category.

2010 NCCC Coverage

Reno's Wolf Pack finished second followed by Canadian National Champion ETS in third.  Michigan Tech finished an impressive fourth with the Wisconsin Badgers in fifth. Team  UAH and Laval were sixth and seventh, respectively.

Top Picks - The Front Line - Commentary
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Lift Operator Stephen Welling and SLO Organizer Brent Goligoski position photographer Sara Tollefson (center) so that she can take a group photo (see below) including the SLO Organizational Committee (left) and the NCCC Officials and Judges (right).  In addition to the group shot, Sara did a fantastic job taking team and competition photos.  She can be contacted by phone at (716) 622-9763 or by email here.

SLO Organizational Committee (lower left), NCCC Officials and Judges (lower right) and participating teams (background) pose for photo.

Cal Poly SLO weighs "Amazona" (left) while while Reno's "Wolf Pack" (right) rolls "Battle Born" into position.

Entries like "Montferrand" (2nd in product; built by Canadian National Champion ETS) provided stiff competition.

Michigan Tech lifts "Yooper" into the flotation tank (left) while the Wisconsin "Badgers" (right) ready "Centennial."
Tech photo by
Phil Klein courtesy of ASCE.

Judges measure Team UAH's "Super Charger" (left) while Laval (right) readies "The Norseman" for the product display.

UAH poses with mascot "Charger Blue" (left) while UCLA gives a star performance of their own (right).

Concretecanoe.org's 2010 Award for Innovation went to 3CT (Clemson) for their introduction of the "Paddler Lift Bar" (left).
Their 2010 Best in Show Award went to Laval for their stylish racing outfits (right).  

2010 marked the 23rd anniversary of the national concrete canoe competition. The first place overall winner in each of 18 Conferences was invited to compete in the 2010 National Concrete Canoe Competition. In addition, if the first place Conference winner finished in the top five overall in the 2009 National Competition (University of California -Berkeley, Ecole de Technologie Superieur, Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, the University of Florida, and the University of Nevada, Reno), the second place team was also invited to compete at nationals.  The 2009 host school, The University of Alabama, also qualified.

The two newcomers in 2009 brought the number of schools that have participated at the national level to 110.
Updated point totals, spreadsheets, and statistics for the 2010 NCCC and all other national competitions can be found in "For the Record."

The University of California - Berkeley had to relinquish their national title.

UC Berkeley, the 2009 NCCC Champion, ran into problems in the Mid-Pacific Conference and didi not have an opportunity to defend their national title this year.  This has happened only twice before... both times to Southeast representative Team UAH in 1995 and 2002.  But, as the Bears mention on their website... 

"Men (and women... jag) who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed" ... Lloyd Jones

True to form, the five time national champions billed their effort as a "successful failure."  Their team proudly presented its most innovative and sustainable canoe to date at the Mid-Pacific Regional Conference on April 9th and 10th. While the canoe failed early in races, it truly embodied the true spirit of civil engineering at Berkeley. This year, the Bears pushed the envelope and developed a concrete that used no Portland cement when they could have simply replicated a previous canoe. They took a risk, which did not pay off at competition, but Berkeley feels that the experience will yield great rewards in the future for this one-of-a-kind concrete canoe team!

John Gilbert covered the event for ConcreteCanoe.org.  

Design reports (25% of score) were due on Friday, May 14th and were evaluated prior to the competition.  Nevada-Reno won this event.

The final products (25% of score) were judged on Thursday, June 17th on the O'Neill Green Lawn located in front of the Orfalea Buisness Building (Building 003) on SLO's campus.  The canoes were photographed with as little clutter (participants, spectators, etc.) as possible to show exactly what each school had to offer.  Cal Poly - SLO won this event.  Photos of all canoes, cross sections and displays are included here:

2010 Final Product Evaluation

Oral presentations (25% of score) were delivered on Friday, June 18th at the Spanos Theatre.  We attended of them and documented every question posed to the teams by the judges.  Cal Poly - SLO also won this event.  Details for all schools are included along with photos and the salient features of their products here::

"2010 Vital Statistics - Presentations and Boats"

California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo (1st place overall, 2nd place in paper, 1st place in presentation, 1st place in product)
University of Nevada - Reno (2nd place overall, 1st place in paper, 2nd place in presentation, 5th place in product)
Ecole de Technologie Superieur (3rd place overall, 5th place in paper, 5th place in presentation, 2nd place in product)
Michigan Tech University (4th place overall, 6th place in paper, 8th place in presentation, 3rd place in product)
University of Wisconsin - Madison (5th place overall, 13th place in paper, 3rd place in presentation, 4th place in product)
University of Alabama in Huntsville (6th place overall, 3rd place in paper, 7th place in presentation, 7th place in product)
Universite Laval (7th place overall, 9th place in paper, 9th place in presentation, 9th place in product)
San Jose State University (8th place overall, 7th place in paper, 4th place in presentation, 12th place in product)
University of Akron (9th place overall, 4th place in paper, 11th place in presentation, 6th place in product)
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (10th place overall, 11th place in paper, 6th place in presentation, 10th place in product)
New Mexico State University - (11th place overall, 12th place in paper, 10th place in presentation, 8th place in product) 
University of Washington (12th place overall, 8th place in paper, 19th place in presentation, 21st place in product)
University of Wisconsin - Platteville (13th place overall, 21st place in paper, 12th place in presentation, 15th place in product)
Clemson University (14th place overall, 17th place in paper, 15th place in presentation, 16th place in product)
University of Houston (15th place overall, 10th place in paper, 13th place in presentation, 11th place in product)
University of California Los Angeles (16th place overall, 16th place in paper, 16th place in presentation, 13th place in product)
Fairmont State University (17th place overall, 18th place in paper, 17th place in presentation, 14th place in product)
University at Buffalo (18th place overall, 15th place in paper, 20th place in presentation, 18th place in product)
University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa (19th place overall, 19th place in paper, 14th place in presentation, 19th place in product)
Rutgers University (20th place overall, 20th place in paper, 18th place in presentation, 20th place in product)
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (21st place overall, 14th place in paper, 22nd place in presentation, 22nd place in product)
Louisiana Tech University (22nd place overall, 22nd place in paper, 21st place in presentation, 17th place in product)

Races (25% of score) were held June 19th on Lopez Lake (see below).  Cal Poly - SLO scored the most race points.

2010 NCCC Race Site

The race site for the 2010 NCCC was Lopez LakeLocated just ten miles east of Arroyo Grande, California, Lopez Lake Recreation Area is one of the top choices for camping and leisure trips. With 22 miles of shoreline and summer lake temperatures around 70, there is something for everyone... especially concrete canoeists looking to win the national title.

Cal Poly sets up the buoys for the sprint races at the 2010 National Concrete Canoe Competition on Lopez Lake.

Traveler Reviews - Photos - Weather Conditions

2010 NCCC - Who's Who in the Competition

This was by far the strongest field to date.

The field was set at 22 for the 2010 NCCC.  Every team was a US national veteran.
Qualifiers made 132 collective appearances with an average placement of 10.78.
The 4 US and 2 Canadian champions in the hunt collectively held 26 national titles.

Pre-National Photos

For complete U.S. National Statistics see: "For the Record." 

2010 NCCC Website Links

2010 ASCE NCCC Website

2011 National Concrete Canoe Competition

The 24th Annual 2011 National Concrete Canoe Competition will be held in Evansville, Indiana.  The University of Evansville will be the host school.

Note: The results to be announced for placement in the regional conferences will be accurate to the best of our knowledge. Since other conditions must be met to become a participant in the 2011 National Concrete Canoe Competition - including good standing with ASCE, good faith participation in the Student Business Meeting, good faith participation in the Student Conference Paper Competition, and any additional requirements of Student Conference participation set by the Student Conference - the final decision to invite competitors rests with ASCE.