"2006 National Concrete Canoe Competition"

Links to these and other schools are available through our concrete canoe websites page.  Statistics for the national competitors are included in "For the Record." Have you seen "The Front Line" and our pre-national photos?

Selected Regional Coverage

- UW Madison (statistics) and Evansville (statistics) qualify in the Great Lakes -

The University of Wisconsin - Madison won the Great Lakes Region.  The University of Evansville finished second with the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign third.

"Concrete floats their boat at UW," the Wisconsin State Journal, May 2, 2006.

Evansville qualifies for the 2006 NCCC under the top five rule.

The Badgers named their canoe "Forward" after their state motto. Wisconsin is well known for being a progressive forward thinking state and their project embodied that motto this year...  from transparency of leadership, to sustainable material choices, to a very exciting new mold/pre-stress method.

Immediately prior to the regional competition concrete canoe co-chair Samantha Thompson said, "We hope to win regionals this year and get a chance to go onto nationals and defend our three consecutive national championships.  But there is always tough competition out there."

"Concrete canoe team gets in the swim of things," written by Nick Grube for the Capital Times on April 29, 2006.

"Sure it's a concrete idea, but will it float?," written by  David Medaris for The Isthmus Daily Page on April 28, 2006.

"Madison to host concrete canoe competition," written by Nicole Fritz for the University of Madison News on April 27, 2006 (press release from WisBusiness.com).

- Clemson (statistics) and NC State (statistics) qualify in the Carolinas -

Clemson's 3CT (National Champions in 1999, 200, and 2002) finished first overall in the Carolinas with North Carolina State second, and The Citadel third.  Since Clemson finished second last year at nationals, NC State qualifies for the 2006 NCCC under the top five rule.

"Concrete Ideas Keep Students Afloat," written by Diane Knich for The Charleston Post and Courier on April 8, 2006.

- University of California - Berkeley (statistics) and University of Nevada, Reno (Debut) Qualify in Mid-Pacific -    

The Berkeley Bears won the Mid-Pacific Region.  The University of Nevada, Reno finished second with California State University - Sacramento third.  Nevada, Reno qualifies for nationals under the top five rule.

Mid-Pacific Region - "Concrete canoes, no really," written by Jeremy Barousse for the Spartan Daily on April 28, 2006.

- Drexel University (Statistics) Qualifies in the Mid-Atlantic -

"Heavy-Weight Paddlers," written by Tom Avril for the Philadelphia Inquirer on May 29, 2006.

- Western Kentucky (Statistics) Qualifies in the Ohio Valley -

Western Kentucky University won the Ohio Valley Region.  Youngstown State University finished second with the University of Kentucky third.

- University of Maine (statistics) qualifies in New England -

The University of Maine won the New England Region.  The University of Rhode Island finished second with Wentworth Institute of Technology third.

Maine made their last national appearance in '92.  They also qualified for nationals in '91.  Way to go Maine!

"Canoe-U," written by Will Richmond for the Herald News on April 30, 2006.

"Paving the waves," written by Curt Brown for The Standard Times on April 30, 2006.

- University of Oklahoma (statistics) qualifies in the Mid-Continent -

The University of Oklahoma won in the Mid-Continent Region with their canoe called "Sword and Stone."  The University of Missouri - Columbia finished second with Oklahoma State University third.

So, OSU will have to use their trump card as the national host... if they want to compete this year.

 "Students build concrete canoe," written by Catherine Odson for Kansas.com on April 25, 2006.

- Texas A&M (statistics) qualifies in the Texas-Mexico Region -

According to the Beaumont Enterprise... Texas A&M won in the Texas-Mexico Regional Conference.  Lamar University finished second with the University of Houston third.  

The Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México at Toluca City entered the concrete canoe competition for the first time this year.   Even though some international entries have participated in the NCCC, the schools involved were not eligible to receive trophies and/or scholarships.  But ASCE's Committee on Student  Activities (CSA) recently approved several schools as International Student Groups... and assigned each one to a regional competition.  As such, they are eligible to (1) qualify for the national competition and (2) if they place, are eligible for trophies and scholarship money.

"Lamar takes second place in regional concrete canoe contest," News at Lamar, April 24, 2006.

"Smooth Sail," written by Christine Rappleye for the Beaumont Enterprise on April 23, 2006.

"Engineers Take to Water to Try to Defy Odds," written by Jacqueline Lane for the Beaumont Enterprise on April 22, 2006.

"Lamar Hosts Concrete Canoe Contest Locally Friday, Saturday," News at Lamar, April 20, 2006.

- LSU (statistics) qualifies in Deep South -

"Whatever Floats Your Boat," written by Caroline Alexander for The Daily Reveille on April 4, 2006.

- Michigan Tech (statistics) & Ohio Northern (debut) qualify in North Central -

In the North Central Regional Conference Michigan Tech placed first overall with Ohio Northern University second, and Akron University third.  Since Tech finished third last year at nationals, Ohio Northern qualifies for the 2006 NCCC under the top five rule.

ONU is the 103rd school to participate at the national level.

- University of Washington (statistics) qualifies in the Pacific Northwest -

The University of Washington returns to the national level after winning the Pacific Northwest Regional.  The University of Idaho placed second with Oregon State University third.

"Engineering Students In High Gear...," written by Stephanie Mathiuu for The Olympian on April 8, 2006.

"Student Engineers Coming to Saint Martin's Conference," appeared in the News Tribune on March 31, 2006.   

- Cal Poly SLO (statistics) qualifies in Pacific Southwest -

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo won the Pacific Southwest Regional Conference after being faced with some very stiff competition.

Cal Poly co-ed team looks pretty happy after the races!

The University of California, Los Angeles finished second while Cal Poly, Pomona placed third.  All three schools have represented their region before at the national level.

- South Dakota Tech (statistics) qualifies in the Rocky Mountain -

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (National Champions in 1995) won in the Rocky Mountain Region with their canoe "Screamin' Eagle."  New Mexico State University placed second with Colorado State University third.

"Tech Advances to National Competition," appeared in the Rapid City Journal on April 9, 2006. 

- Fairmont State (statistics) qualifies in the Virginias -

"Building Bridges (And Canoes Too)," appeared in University of Virginia News on April 5, 2006.

 - UAH (statistics) qualifies in Southeast -

Team UAH (National Champions in 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998, and 2001) successfully integrated "STARS" technology into "Full Spectrum" and secured victory in the Southeast.  Florida Tech finished second with Vanderbilt third.

"We brought in experts and advisers, alumni from previous teams, faculty members and athletic coaches to help," says Annette Wilson-Fisher, president of the UAH ASCE chapter and project manager for "Full Spectrum".  "They worked on team dynamics and personalities, identifying individual strengths and how they all interact." 

"Can you canoe? UAH can do it best," written by Kenneth Kesner for the Huntsville Times on April 27, 2006 (news release... text only).

"Concrete Canoes Defy the Odds," written for the Alligator On Line by Jessica Duchene on March 30, 2006.

The competition was fierce in Gainesville when Team UAH (background) and the Florida Gators (foreground) simultaneously negotiated their turn buoys during the men's sprint finals.  Photo by Doug Finger/The Gainesville Sun.

UAH won this race, as well as the women's sprint and women's slalom/distance races, to edge both FIT and UF out... by less than a point each... becoming the Southeast Regional Concrete Canoe Champions (see coverage below). 


“STARS” Coming Soon… to a Lake Near OSU


"We've got it covered!" You bet they did... because it's Team UAH in the Southeast.

The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) stayed alive in their bid for the 2006 NCCC title on March 1st when they emerged victorious from the "The Swamp" in Gainesville with "Full Spectrum."  The team employed "STARS" technology to make their concrete canoe swim like a fish.  But moving toward their sixth national title required the team to journey through territory heavily infested by nineteen other species including Panthers from the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) and Gators from the University of Florida (UF).

UAH placed first in the design report and final product categories, and second behind the University of South Alabama in the oral presentation.  UAH scored 22.3 out of a possible 25 race points beating archrivals FIT and UF in this category by 0.9 and 1.3 points, respectively.  FIT placed second in the concrete canoe competition followed by Vanderbilt, South Alabama, and UF...

Did you know that "Full Spectrum" was part of a U.S. Army, SBIR advanced technology demonstration conducted by Optechnology, Inc. and subcontractor UAH for the development of cementitious "STARS"... and that team members were profiled... and went through a corporate training program prior to organization?

It's "strictly business" for this five-time national champion as they prepare to live up to their 2006 theme: "We've got it covered!" at the 2006 NCCC.

For more information on "STARS" see:

Gilbert, J.A., Ooi, T.K., Engberg, R.C., "Modal analysis of a lightweight concrete canoe,"  Concrete Canoe Magazine, 1(1): 27-32 (2006).