"2006 National Concrete Canoe Competition"
June 15th -17th, 2006
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Wisconsin-Madison Wins In Water
& Takes Home 4th Straight Title

"Concrete champions float away with fourth straight victory, " by Joan Buhrman of ASCE, Kelly Mawby of Degussa, and Courtney Hentges of OSU, June 20, 2006.

"Regional roundup: Concrete canoe wins award for ONU," written by Heather Rutz, The Lima News, June 25, 2006.

"Students finish sixth at National Concrete Canoe Competition," Marketing and Communications, Nevada News, June 26, 2006.

"Canoers swamped by weight," posted on Philly.com, June 26, 2006.

"Cal Poly's canoe more than floats: Team of engineers takes second at national contest," by Sally Connell, The Tribune, June 27, 2006.

"Concrete canoe team places 10th," written by Robert Newett, The triangle OnLine, June 30, 2006.

Eighteen regional concrete canoe competitions took place through early May.  The first place overall winner of each regional event advanced to compete in the 2006 National Concrete Canoe Competition. In addition, if the first place regional winner finished in the top five overall in the 2005 National Competition, the second place team was also invited to compete at nationals.  Four second-place qualifiers were established and OSU elected to participate as the host of this year's competition... establishing the field at 23 (see below).

The three newcomers in 2006 brought the number of schools that have participated at the national level to 105!  Point totals, spreadsheets, and statistics for the 2006 NCCC and all other national competitions can be found in "For the Record."

Dr. John Gilbert covered the event for ConcreteCanoe.org.  Details on each team's performance including a description of their presentation, every question asked by the judges, commentary on their stint, photos of their final product, and more can be found via the links embedded in the final placements listed below.  Other competition photos are available courtesy of ASCE.

Design reports (25% of score) were due in mid May.  They were evaluated prior to the competition.

The final products (25% of score) were judged on Willard Lawn on Thursday, June 15th.  John photographed the canoes with as little clutter (participants, spectators, etc.) as possible to show exactly what each school had to offer.

Oral presentations (25% of score) were delivered in OSU's Athletics Center on Friday, June 16th.  John attended all of them and documented every question posed to the teams by the judges.  

Races (25% of score) were held June 17th on Boomer Lake (see description below) under fairly windy conditions.

The Badgers wrap up in Stillwater after blowing their competitors away.

The champions, University of Wisconsin-Madison, hail from the Great Lakes region.   The Badgers named their 2006 canoe "Forward" after their state motto. Wisconsin is well known for being a progressive forward thinking state and their project embodied that motto this year...  from transparency of leadership, to sustainable material choices, to a very exciting new mold/pre-stress method.

The 2006 National Scoreboard

2nd - California Polytechnic University - San Luis Obispo
3rd - Clemson University
4th - University of California - Berkeley
5th - Michigan Tech University

"2006 Vital Statistics - Presentations and Boats"

1. University of Wisconsin - Madison - Great Lakes (1st place overall; 1st in paper; 3rd in presentation; 2nd in product).
2. California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo - Pacific Southwest (2nd place overall; 7th in paper; 6th in presentation; 1st in product).
3. Clemson University - Carolinas (3rd place overall; 5th in paper; 2nd in presentation; 17th in product).
University of California, Berkeley - Mid-Pacific (4th place overall; 3rd in paper; 7th in presentation; 7th in product).
5. Michigan Tech University - North Central (5th place overall; 11th in paper; 4th in presentation; 3rd in product).
University of Nevada, Reno - Mid-Pacific (6th place overall; 4th in paper; 1st in presentation; 19th in product).
7. University of Alabama in Huntsville - Southeast (7th place overall; 6th in paper; 5th in presentation; 18th in product).
Western Kentucky University - Ohio Valley (8th place overall; 8th in paper; 16th in presentation; 5th in product).
University of Wisconsin - Platteville - Mid-West (9th place overall; 13th in paper; 8th in presentation; 6th in product).
10. Drexel University - Mid-Atlantic (10
th place overall; 2nd in paper; 9th in presentation; 15th in product).
Oklahoma State University - 2006 Host School (11th place overall; 15th in paper; 13th in presentation; 4th in product).
12. University of Washington - Pacific Northwest (12
th place overall; 10th in paper; 11th in presentation; 8th in product).
13. Ohio Northern University - North Central (13
th place overall; 8th in paper; 10th in presentation; 16th in product).
14. North Carolina State University - Carolinas (14
th place overall; 22nd in paper; 22nd in presentation; 14th in product).
University of Evansville - Great Lakes (th place overall; 12th in paper; 18th in presentation; 9th in product).
University of Oklahoma - Mid-Continent (16th place overall; 18th in paper; 19th in presentation; 10th in product).
17. Fairmont State University - Virginias (17th place overall; 17th in paper; 23rd in presentation; 20th in product).
University of Maine - New England (18th place overall; 23rd in paper; 19th in presentation; 22nd in product).
19. Clarkson University - Upstate New York (tied for 19th overall; 19th in paper; 11th in presentation; 23rd in product).
Louisiana State University - Deep South (tied for 19th overall; in paper; 21st in presentation; 21st in product).
Polytechnic University (Brooklyn) - Metropolitan (tied for 19th overall; in paper; 17th in presentation; 13th in product).
19.South Dakota School of Mines and Technology - Rocky Mountain (tied for 19th overall; 21st
in paper; 13th in presentation; 12th in product).
19. Texas A&M University - Texas-Mexico (tied for 19th overall; 14th
in paper; 15th in presentation; 11th in product).

Excellence in Design Award - Ohio Northern University
Anthony P. Crest Award for Innovation - Western Kentucky University
Spirit of Competition Award - University of Nevada - Reno
R. John Craig Award for Co-Ed Sprint Race - University of Wisconsin - Madison

selected regional coverage
pre-national photos

Follow Up to "The Frontline - 2006" - Gilbert's commentary and top picks for '06.

Links to these and other schools are available through our concrete canoe websites page.

2006 NCCC Website Links

2006 ASCE NCCC Website

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2006 National Race Site - Boomer Lake

Oklahoma State University hosted the event and races were held on the west side of Boomer Lake.

Boomer Lake  (current weather conditions).

Boomer Lake (see above) is formed by the impoundment of Stillwater Creek which runs into the lake proper from the north end.  The body of the lake runs north and south, forming two primary recreational "lakesides" on the east and west.

2007 National Concrete Canoe Competition

The 2007 NCCC will be held next June in Seattle and hosted by the University of Washington.